Hooters is no only house to the human being famous Hooter Girls, but the massive an option found throughout their menu, featuring plenty of American Classics. Indigenous burgers to ribs and everything in between, hooters is the perfect location for some an excellent food, be it a complete blown enjoy the meal or simply a snack. Their trademark hot wings come through several different levels that seasoning, and also have been took pleasure in for decades by the limitless stream of customers coming through their doors. Hooters Happy Hour offers plenty of great deals and promotions that will make your next visit come sooner fairly than later!

Hooters are recognized for your brilliant atmosphere, full of friendly employee that serves v a laugh on your face. Known for their famous white vest and also orange shorts, the top Hooters girl are has actually much a component of the endure as the food on the menu! many of flat screens decorating every restaurant, making that the perfect spot to jump under to catch the game and also grab a snack or two! stopping down during the Hooters Happy Hour will only average you get even more value for money!

1/2 off APPETIZERS-Buffalo chicken sliders-Buffalo shrimp 10 pc-Buffalo platter-Cheese sticks-Chicken strips-Onion rings-Lots A tots-Flapper or boness teaser (10 wings)-Quesadillas-Burger sliders-Fried picklesDRINKS-$3 fine drinks-$4 Drafts-$4 Redbull Vodka-$6 Jager bomb11 am - 3 pm -during lunch-$5 Margaritas

Mondays$11.99 Boneless wings w/ fries- every you have the right to eatTuesdays-$11.99 Bone In traditional wings w/ friesAll you deserve to eatWednesdays-$7.79 - 10 computer boneless wings w/ fries

When is Hooter’s Happy Hour?

There space actually two different Hooters Happy Hour periods, an interpretation even more chance to enjoy the savings and deals top top offer! because that anyone looking to pop on under for lunch or dinner, the daytime happy hour is perfect for you, running Mondays v till Fridays from 3 pm-6 pm.

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With late opening hours, you can pop down for a snack and a couple of drinks transform in the evening, with the so late night Hooters Happy Hour running from 10pm till closing. Finest of every this happy hour duration runs because that the whole week, Mondays v to Sundays.

 What deserve to I gain From the Hooters Happy Hour?

There room plenty of an excellent appetizers that deserve to be enjoyed from the Hooters Happy Hour. These are perfect for a rapid snack and can be merged for some tasty treats the are good any time the the day! It functions so countless different varieties of food; friend really are spoiled because that choice! That’s not to speak you can’t get a few of the appetizers to dual up together a selection of good snacks that are perfect for sharing (or not if friend prefer!)

With every one of your standards such together chicken strips, sliders and quesadillas to surname a few, you can be sure to uncover something that gets your stomach rumbling.

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You get half off of each of the adhering to appetizers:-

Buffalo chicken slidersBuffalo shrimp 10 pcBuffalo platterCheese sticksChicken stripsOnion ringsLots A totsFlapper or boneless teaser (10 wings)QuesadillasBurger slidersFried pickles


What better way to gain the good food on sell than obtaining a drink or two into the bargain? That’s precisely what you deserve to do v Hooters Happy Hour, as there space plenty of beverages to be enjoyed along with the delicious food too! even if it is its soda, drafts cocktails or other a little stronger, girlfriend have pertained to the best place!

Well drinks – $3Drafts – $4Vodka & Redbull – $4Jager Bomb – $6Margaritas – $5 11am-3pm during lunch

Other Hooters specials

The savings don’t stop with just the Hooters happy Hour, together there are various other days v their own dedicated specials. Best of every these operation for the whole day, so girlfriend needn’t worry about rushing down gradually to record happy hour!


For Mondays one-of-a-kind you can enjoy as numerous boneless wings as you deserve to eat for only $11.99! Considering these are the trademark food served in hooters, that a an excellent promotion well worth taking benefit of! They even come through complementary fries too!

$11.99 Boneless wings w/ fries All you deserve to eat


Tuesday attributes a comparable promotion as Mondays, suppose for this wings lock come v the timeless bone. Again, maybe Hooters best known food, over there is lot of of great reasons to acquire as many wings together you can for $11.99!

$11.99 Bone In traditional wings w/ fries All you can eat


For only $7.79 you have the right to enjoy a ten item serving the wings along with fries top top Wednesdays, making it a good and affordable snack that have the right to be took pleasure in throughout the day.