The franchisees speak to the restaurant the ‘little brother’ concept of Hooters. The is supposed to open up sometime in early 2022.

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Hoots Wings, a Hooters offshoot, sell a menu of wings, buffalo shrimp and loaded tots in a fast-casual setting. The first Hoots in Texas opened in tiny Elm in July 2021.(Mike Beauchamp)
Chicken wing fans in Mesquite will have a brand-new place come flock to sometime in at an early stage 2022.

Hoots wing servers nothing wear orange hot pants and also low-cut tank tops. Staffers will job-related the counter wearing T-shirts and also jeans. The restaurant’s focus is on offering wings via carryout, third-party delivery, and — in ~ the Mesquite ar — a drive-thru pick-up lane. Although many orders are generally placed online and picked up, diners can sit inside, too.

The Mesquite location is the only one in the Dallas-Fort worth area the is right now under contract with a integrated drive-thru, franchisee cary Albert said.

Franchisees Cary and also Jackie Albert, who have actually opened dozens the Schlotzsky’s restaurants across the state, told the Dallas Morning News the fans that Hooters soup can discover a brand-new spot to flock to with their whole family at Hoots.

“You perform kind the like having actually the name recognition of Hooters since people understand it, but this is the family-friendly version,” Jackie Albert told The News.


The Alberts speak to Hoots wing the “little brother” concept of Hooters, offering a acquainted menu that bone-in wings, boneless wings, fried pickles, Buffalo shrimp, invited tots and also chicken sandwiches.

The an initial Hoots location an initial opened in the Chicago area in 2017 and also currently boasts other sites in Illinois, Georgia and also Florida.

The Alberts’ franchise covenant to open up 60 Hoots in the Dallas and also Austin metro areas marks the brand’s biggest spurt of expansion yet.

Cary Albert is looking everywhere North Texas for storefronts. The an initial North Texas location simply opened in the tiny Elm/Aubrey area on July 20. The believes the brand can work “everywhere.”

“Everybody in every ar can reap this. That’s what we’re excited about,” the said. “That’s the various other reason why us flocked come the brand —no pun intended.”

The Mesquite Hoots Wings ar will open up sometime in early 2022 in ~ 610 N. Galloway Avenue.


Francesca D’Annunzio, one-of-a-kind Contributor. Francesca is a freelancer extending the D-FW suburbs. She is a 2016 graduate of Allen High School and a 2021 graduate that the college of Texas in ~ Austin, whereby she learned liberal arts, journalism and Arabic.




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