Highs inner feels large for the class, quick and also refined on the road, numerous innovative features. Lows rivals tow more, rivals offer legit off-road models, subpar braking performance. Verdict The Ridgeline isn"t a typical mid-size pickup truck; it"s more sophisticated and also day-to-day practical.


The just Honda v a cargo bed—the 2021 Ridgeline—is a one-size-fits-all alternate to timeless pickup trucks. If the Ridgeline lineup doesn"t incorporate an off-road-ready version or one optional diesel engine, that does have a conventional crew cab that"s roomier and more comfortable than any type of of that competitors". That minivan-based underpinnings and V-6 powertrain don"t enable it to tow an ext than 5000 pounds, yet they do allow the Ridgeline to accelerate quickly, consume fuel efficiently, administer a competitive payload rating, and also drive with unrivaled agility and also refinement. Its hold of typical driver assists and also innovative features—including one in-bed trunk and a multifunction tailgate—further bolster the 2021 Ridgeline"s status as the truck identical of a Swiss military knife and also earned it an Editors" an option award.

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What"s new for 2021?

Before the 2021 design year, world could say the Ridgeline looked prefer a many things, but rugged wasn"t among them. We"re not sure that the mid-size truck"s makeover— which consists of a fresh style from the prior roof pillars forward—will quiet all the haters, yet it definitely looks bolder 보다 before. Improving this fresh aesthetic is a brand-new package from Honda Performance advancement (HPD) that"s easily accessible on all trim levels and adds black color overfenders, a distinctive blacked-out grille, HPD graphic on the bed walls, and also cool-looking copper wheels. Non-HPD models gain a standard set of freshly designed 18-inch wheels with much more aggressive all-terrain tires and reduced backspacing that gives the Ridgeline a more comprehensive track and a broader stance. Inside, there is a smattering of ethereal changes, yet the greatest update is the amendment infotainment system. Along with improved graphics and screen icons that Honda says are less complicated to use, the Ridgeline now comes v a physical volume knob, addressing our year of complaints. All-wheel journey is now standard.

Pricing and Which One come Buy

This segment that mid-size trucks has end up being oversaturated with timeless body-on-frame pickups that provide ample towing and capable off-roading. However, the Ridgeline caters to folks who want a an ext comfortable and fuel-efficient alternative. When the priciest models have the fanciest features, us think the RTL has actually the ideal mix of preferable equipment and also value. Likewise, the Ridgeline RTL receives much better standard attributes than the lesser sport trim level. These encompass heated prior seats, a leather-trimmed interior, and power-adjustable former seats.

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Engine, Transmission, and also Performance

The lone powertrain is a 280-hp 3.5-liter V-6 that makes 262 lb-ft that torque and also hooks as much as a nine-speed automatically transmission and standard all-wheel drive. The engine feels smooth, and throttle an answer is specifically receptive as soon as you contact for tough acceleration. One untraditional pickup in countless ways, the Ridgeline surprises indigenous behind the wheel. Top top the road, it is well-mannered and feels exceptionally competent. The coil-sprung independent rear suspension contributes to a carlike ride quality not available with the leaf-sprung, solid-axle setups used by the competition. Body lean in corners is minimal, and small bumps are barely noticeable. The electrically assisted steering feel appropriate. The Ridgeline"s braking power stands out as its lone dynamic blemish. The braking distance from 70 mph to zero is ~ above the lengthy side, and also we thought the brake pedal feel soft and had too lot travel during normal use.