January 27, 2021 - 16:02 GMT Hanna Fillingham Today"s Hoda Kotb revealed she is plan to adopt a third baby with fiancé Joel Schiffman. The this particular day with Hoda & Jenna star is a doting mum to 2 daughters

Today display star Hoda Kotb is a doting mum to two young daughters who she shares through fiancé Joel Schiffman.

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The Today v Hoda & Jenna star embraced three-year-old Haley Joy and one-year-old expect Catherine, and newly revealed that she had filled out documents to begin the adoption procedure for the 3rd time.

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Hoda is an remarkable mother and revealed that there is enough room and love in her family because that another little person.

Hoda has actually inspired many world with her trip to motherhood and often shares adorable images of her kids on social media.

VIDEO: Today"s Hoda Kotb celebrates through her 2 daughters

Through the pandemic, the mother-of-two has been maintaining her daughters entertained at home, and also revealed to Daily mail that her daughter hope had even learnt words "mask" during the pandemic – which was among her first words!

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So what carry out we understand so far about Hoda"s fostering plans. Uncover out every little thing below...

Hoda Kotb recently revealed she to be hoping to adopt her 3rd child

Hoda Kotb"s third baby plans

Hoda revealed throughout an interview on The drew Barrymore present in October the she had filled in the paperwork to start the adoption process.

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The TV star told host Drew: "You know what. Ns was sitting v Joel – who by the method has a get an impressive daughter who simply graduated legislation school so know where we are here – I said to him, "We have actually a the majority of love in this residence do us have space for more love? Yes, us do. Would our household be enhanced? Yes, it would. Room there youngsters who need us too? Yes, over there are."

Hoda and Joel Schiffman space doting parents to Haley and Hope

"Every prize is yes. Look, it"s no in our hand now. We filled out the paperwork and also said it"s in god"s hand now, favor come what may. I just know her heart"s capacity to broaden blows my mind, you have the right to fit so lot love in there."

Hoda Kotb didn"t mean to disclose baby plans

Hoda called Daily Mail soon after she interview with attracted Barrymore that she didn"t have any intention that publically revealing her adoption plans, however that she got caught up in the moment.

"You recognize what"s funny? i don"t recognize why I stated that – even though it"s true," she said. "It was one of those moments where you"re having actually a fragile moment and you"re like, "Yeah, i did execute that.""

Hoda and also Joel are because of get married in the summer too

She added: "Sometimes I do think speaking something out loud sort of wills it right into existence, weirdly. "You know, it"s almost like if you have a secret desire or dream girlfriend can also just whisper it and also if you do, there"s a opportunity you"re just providing it validity."

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Hoda continued: "We don"t understand what will certainly happen. Ns mean, us hope, we pray, we want to, and we feel favor we have enough love and room. Girlfriend know, for this reason far, our family members is just acquiring better."

Hoda Kotb"s one-of-a-kind bond through her daughters

Hoda"s fans adore seeing photos of the Today star with her children, and also she often shares sweet stories about them.

One an especially touching story connected her oldest daughter Haley Joy, who would frequently ask her mum if she grew in she stomach at any time she witnessed a pregnant woman.

Joel v daughters Haley and Hope

In November while talk to Jenna shrub Hager on World fostering Day, Hoda explained: "I always tell Haley, like she will check out someone who is pregnant and she will ask "Is over there a infant in the tummy?" and I will tell she there is.

"And then she will certainly ask me if she came from mine tummy and I tell her "No, you come from mommy"s heart.""

The star then defined that Haley occasionally points at she mum"s heart-shaped necklace, questioning if she come from that.

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"She occasionally points at my necklace and also asks "That heart?" and I"m prefer no," the star claimed smiling. "But you came from there," she continued, pointing to she chest.

"I think it"s together a beautiful point as households come in every shapes and also sizes," Hoda said Jenna.

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