Fans that the Today present were elated as soon as anchor Hoda Kotb announced in November 2019 that she and also her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, were engaged. Ever due to the fact that the 56-year-old NBC star mutual the interesting news, everyone has been concerned to obtain the scoop top top the happy couple"s wedding plans.

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Here’s everything we recognize so far about Hoda Kotb’s engagement and wedding:

Who is Hoda"s fiancé, Joel Schiffman?


For starters, the 62-year-old, who Hoda has explained as "the best man I"ve ever before met," functions in finance. According to Joel"s LinkedIn, he"s the Head of Intermediary distribution at one investment management company.

Hoda and Joel first met in the summer the 2013 once the Today star was speaking at an occasion for wall Street professionals. With the years, Hoda has actually shared details about their meet-cute, consisting of the first time the financier met her former Today cohost Kathie Lee Gifford. Hoda and also Joel made decision to walk public through their partnership in 2015 after ~ The daily Mail published photos the them together on a Miami beach.

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On November 25, 2019, Hoda showed off her gorgeous engagement ring, shocking other co-hosts Jenna bush Hager, Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie, and Al Roker on Today. Needless to say, Joel go an amazing job.

What does Hoda’s engagement ring look at like?

When asked exactly how Joel popped the question, Hoda spared no detail around the one-of-a-kind moment.

"We ended up having a tiny dinner on the beach," she claimed on Today, if revealing that the two were on a tropical vacation. "And he was like, "I have something else ns would prefer to say," and he stated some beautiful things, and also then he obtained down ~ above one knee. Climate he said, "Would you it is in my wife?"""


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According to Ira Weissman, founder the the consumer education website The Diamond Pro, the NBC co-host’s ring shows up to be a five-carat Asscher cut diamond collection in a blue sapphire halo. "A ring the this impeccable quality can easily retail for end $250,000," he previously told Good Housekeeping.

Following Hoda"s on-air announcement, People recorded up with the Today star, that spilled the Joel actually consulted one of her friends, jeweler Jennifer Miller, to help him style the perfect ring. “What touched me therefore much around this ring is that he thought about it,” Hoda claimed to the outlet. “And he thought around what I can like. He checked out and they were sharing things earlier and soon unbeknownst to me. The was providing her ideas.”

What will Hoda"s wedding dress look like?

The search is on for the perfect wedding dress, and also Hoda has already enlisted the help of the ideal person she knows for the job — she mother, Sameha.

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“It to be so funny due to the fact that she’s picked every little thing for me, and she said, ‘Honey, i don’t know. Execute you want me to pick your wedding dress?’ and I said, ‘Well, you choose the first one, for this reason yes, please pick the second one,’” Hoda said E! News. “But this one … it’s gonna be fun. So, my mom’s in charge, and also I’m so happy.”

Who will be in Hoda"s bridal party?

Though she hasn"t common details around her whole party, Hoda did reveal on Today that her sister, Hala Kotb, will be the maid of honor at she wedding. We"ll be sure to update this article if more bridal party announcements room made in upcoming months!

When is Hoda"s wedding and where will it take place?

Shortly after speak yes, Hoda mutual that she and also Joel were planning come exchange vows “sooner fairly than later, because what are we wait for?” In January 2020, the bride-to-be sat down through Ellen DeGeneres to expose that the pair was hope to tie the node in the fall. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, however, the couple has had to push ago their special day.

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"We did need to officially postpone it, which to be a supervisor bummer, because it to be going come involve world getting on planes," the co-anchor said Entertainment Tonight. "We haven"t picked our new date. We"re simply waiting to watch what is what through everything. And, look, it"s just like the show. I don"t treatment where we perform it, as lengthy as we perform it. I want our friends and also family to it is in there, obviously, however the location is kinda secondary.”

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