If true, it can end she bid for the presidency.

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Several sources have anonymously reported that Hillary Clinton has multiple sclerosis. These sources come from in ~ her own inner circle. They take into consideration themselves informants, who might be uncomfortable through her final, going-for-broke increase to strength as the Clinton Crime maker falls personally all around them. Think: the an initial rats from a sinking ship.


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LOS ANGELES, CA (California Network) - Hillary Clinton has actually used the autonomous National Committee and the voter themselves together her own personal Make-a-Wish Foundation. She wish is to be president prior to her failing health catches up come her. Eight years in the White home as first Lady was no enough. Now she will certainly be in charge, come hell or high water.

Clinton"s increase to strength is a roughshod ride over hundreds, possibly thousands that individuals. The an initial may have actually been a 12-year-old rape victim. In among Clinton"s one self-professed proudest, happy moments, she acquired a violent rapist off on a two-month sentence because that time offered after that brutally raped a 12-year-old child. She also laughed about it top top record. Here"s what the victim needs to say now.


We could chalk this approximately youthful exuberance and also backwards attitudes towards rape in the 1970s, however Hillary Clinton has actually never turned far from this path of human destruction.

She married one "alleged" serial rapist. She assisted cover his crimes. She even sent assault lawyers roughly the nation to threaten invoice Clinton"s accusers need to they come forward throughout her campaign.

Since her tenure in the White house ended, Hillary Clinton used the Clinton structure as a machine to procedure donations come her personal fortune. She claimed she was broke while collecting thousands of thousands in speaking fees. -If true she was broke, how deserve to anyone selected a person who is the irresponsible with money? and also if untrue, climate how have the right to anyone selected a pathological liar?

As Secretary that State, Clinton accepted huge donations from civilization who were ultimately awarded meetings, and also then granted favors. The proof of this gross honest violation is simply now coming to light, thanks to a freedom of details request native Judicial Watch. Supposedly, someone is investigating.

Remember the name "Teneo," you"ll it is in hearing the in the month to come...

The human being she met with encompass the Crown Prince Salam the Bahrain, who was vested a massive and also controversial eight contract after the donated $32 million come the Clinton global Initiative. Evidence strongly imply Clinton"s office to be pay-to-play. Half of the human being she met v who were not already government officials payment an average of a million apiece to meet with her. Many of those human being were granted requests which included lucrative contracts and special favors.

A human being who sells favors indigenous the office the the Secretary of State have the right to be meant to perform the same once president, that"s just usual sense. Obviously media scrutiny has no influence on she operations and also even harsh public criticism has not stalled her progress. She"s untouchable.

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Selling favors is third-world nation stuff. It"s the backbone of plenty of tin-pot dictatorships. Yet it"s how the Clinton Crime family members operates. Shady world who require "favors" donate the the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton foundation in turn donates to other organizations, who finish the scam by hiring the one Clinton or the other as consultants or to give speeches. Hence the money is laundered from the bloody hand of middle eastern princes who stone women and also toss gays from rooftops, to assorted charities in the USA and finally right into Clinton pockets.

Nonetheless, many people approximately her do have actually scruples, it turns out. They"re concerned around the nation. And also as they observe Clinton"s machiavellian behavior, they come to be alarmed. What happens once their boss and also idol turns against them?

This is what might be prompting numerous to leak the truth around Clinton"s health and wellness to the media. Hillary Clinton may have MS and if for this reason the an illness and the drugs she takes to control it may impair her capacity to serve.

Having ms isn"t a crime. Truly, the illness is serious and also compassion is warranted, no matter her vault sins. Yet what is unwarranted is the deception that the American people. A parade of wellness officials swearing top top their degrees that Hillary Clinton is fit as a fiddle.

Which we deserve to plainly see, she isn"t.

She needs assist going increase stairs, human being must prop she up, and also a doctor is constantly close through an epi-pen. Then there"s the bizarre sneeze fits, the feet in her tongue us hope is a trick of light and also not an yes, really hole, and her inexplicable seizure prior to the push which no one mentions.

If she does have actually MS together these resources claim, then she will be acquisition a many medications. Number of of these medications, including opiates, can impair thinking and functioning.

Hillary Clinton is a liar whose only goal is come enrich and empower herself. She is no friend to blacks, that she once called "super predators," and has refuse to retract the statement. Under her husband, his bold plan of massive incarceration ravaged black lives. Hillary Clinton herself revenues from the private prison industry today together they assistance her campaign.

Clinton is no girlfriend to Jews. Her peak aide, Huma Abedin operated for an alleged Islamic supremacy publication while also working for Clinton. That connection went on because that at the very least 10 years. The publication, the journal of minority Muslim Affairs has made countless statements seen as anti-Semitic, homophobic, and also misogynistic.


Clinton has embraced money from world who persecute women and gays alike. She has done nothing come actually enhance rights and conditions because that either populace in the middle East. She sustained anti-democratic regimes if destabilizing other effective autocracies which has turned those places right into cesspools the terrorism.

Clinton has no commitment to anyone other than herself, and that is that she routinely enriched. The Clintons also gave 90% of their charitable gifts earlier to us via the Clinton Foundation.

Even Machiavelli himself could blanch from she example.

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Hopefully the façade division down completely in the weeks to come. American can not afford a sick, ethically and also morally endangered president like Hillary Clinton.