Donald Trump has actually been saying for months that Hillary Clinton lacks the "stamina" to be president. Much more recently, he has actually questioned even if it is the autonomous presidential nominee is "all there."

Twice this week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump go after Democrat Hillary Clinton for she physical health. Here's how that case checks out. (Sarah Parnass, Julio Negron, Osman Malik/The Washington Post)

Those room pretty pass out diagnoses, however the effects are clear: Clinton isn"t healthy enough to lead the country. Although Trump has actually stopped brief of specify name a details illness that supposedly afflicts his opponent, his spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, asserted critical week that Clinton suffers indigenous dysphasia, and also Trump allies in the media have plenty of other theories around what ails the former secretary of state. So countless theories.

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To it is in clear, Clinton go not have a perfect health and wellness record — no surprised for someone who has spent decades in high-stress jobs and also turns 69 in October. She has hypothyroidism, i beg your pardon hinders the thyroid"s production of a hormone that regulates metabolism and can reason fatigue. She take away a prescription blood diluent to guard versus clots. She fainted 4 years earlier after coming to be dehydrated and also suffered a concussion, i beg your pardon temporarily caused twin vision. Every one of this is recorded in a letter indigenous Clinton"s doctor released through her project last summer.

And yes, Clinton is prone to sneeze spells once speaking at length. She told NBC News in February that she drinks tea and uses a humidifier to fight that persistent tickle in she throat.

But come hear part tell it, Clinton is ~ above her fatality bed — actually, she should currently be dead, follow to the national Enquirer, which provided her six months to live last September. Clinton joked about the forecast on ABC"s "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night, questioning the hold to check her pulse during the interview come make certain she to be still alive.

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The Washington write-up Fact Checker last week awarded Trump (who is 70, by the way) 4 Pinocchios because that his unsubstantiated "stamina" argument, and The Post"s David Weigel recently debunked the "junk science" behind few of the top rumors of a dire, undisclosed health problem. But the extended list that alleged maladies is so long that it boundaries on comical. Right here is The Fix"s overview to Clinton"s seemingly innumerable diseases and disorders, together diagnosed in the conservative press.

SEAN HANNITY: "What about some of the weird pauses she has, the sneeze fits she has? There room moments once I"m literally city hall her and I"m thinking, okay, the facial expressions are odd. They it seems to be ~ off."

MARC SIEGEL, FOX NEWS medical CORRESPONDENT: "Well, ns don"t know this because I"m just looking in ~ a video, but I witnessed the very same video you saw and also I"m wondering about a word referred to as aphasia where you"re browsing for words, you suddenly shed those words, and also that can be the sign, again, the some type of traumatic mind injury or the after effects of a concussion." (Fox News Channel"s "Hannity," Aug. 9)