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stated on September 24, 2016 in responding come an audience member's inquiry at the Texas Tribune Festival.:
Hillary Clinton "supports countless abortion on need up till the minute of birth, including partial-birth abortion, v taxpayer funding."


Ted Cruz that Texas stirred an Austin crowd by declaring that Hillary Clinton favors abortion there is no limit.

The Republican senator identified the autonomous presidential nominee’s place after an audience member at the September 2016 Texas Tribune Festival inquiry why the dad of 2 young girls can support "a candidate that is therefore openly misogynistic," referring to Cruz’s endorsement the day prior to of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Cruz emphasize his concerns about entrusting Clinton through nominating supreme Court justices that would, that said, threaten his daughters’ constitution rights.

When that paused, the audience member voiced another question: "Like the appropriate to choose?"

Cruz responded that the "right come life" needs to it is in protected, adding: "I can also tell you even on the inquiry of the appropriate to life the the views of Hillary Clinton top top abortion space radical and also extreme. Her views: She supports endless abortion on need up till the moment of birth, consisting of partial-birth abortion, v taxpayer funding."

Unlimited to the minute of birth? readers asked us to examine this claim.

For starters, it’s precious noting that abortions in the main leading up to birth space rare; 91 percent in 2012 developed before the 14th main of pregnancy, follow to the Guttmacher Institute, a new York-based reproductive health and wellness nonprofit. The year, the academy says, 1.3 percent took location in the 21st week or later. Significantly too, together of October 2016, Texas ranked amongst 15 says to have proscribed abortion after about 20 mainly post-fertilization, the academy says.



It’s likewise so that abortions previously in pregnancy aren’t always available on quick notice. Twenty-eight states have actually statutory waiting periods for one abortion, gendergeek.org Ohio noted in respectable 2016, and 14 claims require physician counseling that necessitates two trips to a clinical facility prior to an abortion.

Clinton v the years

And how does Clinton herself characterize she abortion position?

We perused her own statements and also one of she votes as a new York senator.

A January 2016 "fact sheet" on her campaign website says that as president, Clinton will certainly ensure the right to select an abortion is protected, a referral to the 1973 Roe v. Wade supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion.

Also, the paper says, Clinton will "repeal the Hyde amendment come ensure low-income ladies have accessibility to safe reproductive wellness care." That"s perhaps a contact for much more federally sponsor abortions in that the Hyde amendment, regularly adopted by Congress since 1976, bars government resources of abortion through Medicaid except in situations of rape, incest or to save the wellness or life of the mother.

According to a 2016 report by the nonpartisan Congressional research Service, similar "restrictions affect the appropriations for various other federal entities, consisting of the department of Justice, where federal funds may not be provided to carry out abortions in the federal prison system, other than in cases of rape or if the life that the mom would be endangered."

Hyde acts together a rider on commonwealth appropriations bills. As such, gendergeek.org Ohio provided in respectable 2016, that doesn’t have to be "repealed" to be deactivated. Receipt on commonwealth spending might just cease to include it. Some states have actually Hyde-like limitations on your Medicaid dollars, and would have actually to readjust their accuse to open up an avenue to money abortions if Hyde disappeared at the federal level.

Clinton has long stated that she’d assistance a late-term limit on abortion--provided it has actually exceptions.

In 2003, together a councilor for new York, Clinton was on the losing finish of a 64-33 floor poll to advancement the Partial-Birth Abortion half Act of 2003 later signed right into law by chairman George W. Bush. The change--barring physicians from knowingly performing intact dilation and also extraction top top a life fetus--had no exemption to preserve the health or life of the woman.

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"Clearly, the management and my partner on the other side that the aisle view this together an opportunity to begin to eliminate Roe v. Wade," Clinton claimed at the time, follow to an NPR news report, "and the opportunity of safe, legal and also rare abortions in this country. And also many young women don"t seem to understand that this is no an alternative that they have the right to take because that granted."

Earlier, in one Oct. 8, 2000, candidate debate, Clinton said: "I have actually said numerous times the I deserve to support a half on late-term abortions, consisting of partial-birth abortions, so long as the health and life that the mommy is protected. I’ve met females who faced this heart-wrenching decision towards the finish of a pregnancy. Of course it’s a awful procedure. No one would certainly argue with that. However if her life is at stake, if your wellness is at stake, if the potential for having any more children is in ~ stake, this need to be a woman’s choice."

In march 2016, more recently, Bret Baier that Fox News asked Clinton throughout a democratic presidential town hal even if it is she favors legal constraints on abortion at any type of stage of pregnancy.

That exchange:

BAIER: "Do you think a child have to have any kind of legal rights or protections prior to it’s born? Or perform you think there must not be any kind of restrictions on any abortions at any kind of stage in a pregnancy?"