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You deserve to use our helium tanks come inflate foil/mylar and latex balloons, though we recommend if you use balloons various other than those supplied, you check that the product is intended to be provided with helium. Likewise keep in mind the balloon size will affect the number of balloons girlfriend may have the ability to inflate through one tank

There are a number of factors the may influence the float time that a balloon, including using balloons various other than those provided with the helium kits, the type of balloon gift used, under- or over-inflating the balloon, and also external factors such together temperature, humidity and also altitude.

Each Balloon Time tank has roughly 15% much more capacity than what is essential to to fill the indicated variety of balloons when offered properly. However, other determinants may change the total amount the balloons inflated, together as utilizing balloons various other than those provided in a kit or using larger balloons. In addition, always ensure you have actually a great seal in between the nozzle and also balloon neck so no helium escapes if inflating, and also tightly nearby the valve as soon as storing your tank to avoid helium leakage.

Refer come our balloon capacity charts located on the box and also the product pages for the number of standard balloons every tank deserve to fill. Keep in mind, the quantity of balloons a solitary tank will certainly inflate may vary if friend overfill, or if you use balloons various other than those supplied, especially larger balloons.

Nope! ours tanks space designed to be portable and also kept on-hand for those unexpected moments. As long as the environment-friendly valve is closeup of the door tightly ~ use, you can store the tank for approximately one year indigenous initial use. Check out the Recycling and Storing page for more information.

Balloon Time helium tanks are not refillable, yet they are totally recyclable. Checkout our Recycling and also Storing page for more information and also how to properly dispose of her empty tank.

Our green valves are tightened to ensure no helium escapes during transportation. If your eco-friendly valve is too tight to open up initially, we recommend using a rag or rubber tight to assist assist v gripping the valve. You may likewise use a tool, such as a wrench or pliers, to help with lightly opening your eco-friendly valve until you can continue opening through hand.

Once girlfriend take your tank out of the box, the first step is to open up the green valve by turning four full turns, counterclockwise, to release the helium seal. When your green valve is open, slip your balloons end the black color fill nozzle and also press under on the nozzle. You will hear a hissing sound and also see your balloons start to inflate. You re welcome make certain to reference your instructions located on the tank together well.

Yes! Our assets are offered roughly the world. Visit the International commodities page to watch products easily accessible outside the the unified States and Canada. For a perform of retailers, watch the International commodities section that the wherein to buy page.






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