HEIDI Klum secretly wed her toyboy fiancé Tom Kaulitz in a low-key ceremony ago in February.

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TMZ reports the gendergeek.orguple tied the knot simply hours prior to enjoying dinner at mr Chow in Beverly Hills.


Heidi Klum privately wed her toyboy fiancé Tom Kaulitz in a low-key ceremony earlier in FebruaryCredit: Getty

The wedding gendergeek.orgrresponded with the day they an initial met, February 22.

They announced your engagement in December, with Heidi mirroring off her substantial diamond ring on social media.

Sharing a photo of castle together, Heidi told she fans: “I claimed YES!”

Her pendant inundated her with their message of gendergeek.orgngratulations.


Heidi revealed she was involved to her friend in December

The mum-of-four was formerly married gendergeek.orgme singer Seal yet they separation in January 2012.

Heidi previously sparked engagement rumours earlier in September after she verified off a very big diamond on she ring finger in ~ the 70th Emmy Awards.


The gendergeek.orguple started date last year gendergeek.orgmplying with her separation from art dealer Vito SchnabelCredit: Getty - gendergeek.orgntributor

She insisted the sparkler was obtained by insiders said it wouldn't be lengthy until Tom popped the question.

The America’s acquired Talent judge admitted dating the hunk, who is 17 years she junior, has led to a many questions around her age.


Heidi, 45, and also Tom, 29, have made no an enig of just how smitten they areCredit: Reuters

“My boyfriend is plenty of years younger 보다 me, and also lots of people are questioning that and also asking around it.

“That's yes, really the just time when age seems to it is in shoved in my face and also I need to give solution for it.

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“I don't really think about it that much otherwise.

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