I’m a kind 2 diabetic and notice a 20-30 spike after ~ coffee or desert do with hefty cream. Simply curious if everyone else has actually noticed this.

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Some people have a reaction v using any kind of sweeteners, also the supposedly sugar complimentary ones. Most of the sweeteners you acquire from packets usage dextrose together a base but they are thought about sugar totally free because the in its entirety weight is under a details threshold ~ above a per serving basis. You cite coffee (umm coffee…) and desert. Those both have actually sweeteners in them so i would examine for a reaction come the sweeteners you used prior to I would certainly worry around the cream.

I i found it it, but love cream so lot I just live v it. Should walk roughly to wake up sometimes at work after placing cream in mine tea.


No carbs per the label

Sadly, brand lie. They’re allowed to list as zero if it’s much less than .5 gm / serving. So a tablespoon the HWC generally has .4 gm. Which means 2-3 tablespoons (did you measure, or guesstimate?) would certainly be 1-1.5 gm or so. And also it more than likely varies native brand come brand a bit, despite if it mirrors 0 on the label, it need to be below .5 gm / serving.

devhammer is correct the there could really well be sneaky carbohydrate in cream. Regularly stabilizers, gelling agents and also fillers room used. So, there will certainly be things prefer gum, dextrose, and so on, added. These sneaky carbs add up. Friend can quickly have 1 to 3 carbs per tablespoon, depending upon what brand cream girlfriend use. The whipped cream in a can commodities seem to lug the many carbs in the mixture.

A dessert through 7 carbohydrate can definitely be your culprit. It would certainly for me. That’s like eating practically two teaspoons street in one serving.

devhammer is correct that there could very well it is in sneaky carbohydrate in cream.

To be clear, i wasn’t specifically talking around fillers, stabilizers, etc. HWC itself is no carb-free. It’s just low enough in carbohydrate that (here in the U.S. At least) they have the right to list it together zero ~ above the Nutrition facts label. This is one reason that i am leery the relying on federal government regulations for my health…too straightforward to video game the system.

Thanks for the info. I perform think the I must watch the desert (Sugar free Jello load prepared through HWC). Ns think this is the culprit.The cream in the coffee does affect my blood sugar, but not much.Thanks again.

I agree. The naturally occurring components, like lactose, and then on height of that, various other additives, favor dextrose, makes everything worse.

You likewise need to consider the impact (possibly) of fabricated sweeteners. When I consume fabricated sweetener, I acquire an insulinogenic response, i beg your pardon starts a blood glucose roller coaster ride.

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I ultimately realize the this may be happening with me. Ns tested liquid stevia (no added ingredients) and Swerve v a strictly protocol. BG #"s were fine. My mistake may have been assuming an excellent BG equals an excellent insulin. Wrong! In the past, nothing was ever too sweet. Denial have the right to only work for therefore long.