You’d think that when HBO Max damaged all expectations and also brought the Harry Potter collection onto the proprietary streaming residence of all things Warner Bros, it’d stay placed for a an excellent long while. Unfortunately, that’s no the case, together all eight movies are leaving the reasonably young platform by the end of August, despite being included at the last minute as an opening day surprise. And as it transforms out, there’s a pretty good reason for every one of this back and forth in between HBO Max and the brand-new streaming residence of Harry Potter, NBCUniversal’s fledgling provider Peacock, and we’re law a quick dive right into how and also why this has happened.

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What"s Happening through All 8 bother Potter Movies

As formerly mentioned, every eight movies, indigenous Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer’s Stone to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: component II, will certainly be gotten rid of from HBO Max as of august 25. Those movies will it is in made available for streaming v Peacock in October, and they’ll be open up for the general public to stream transparent the month. After which point, those movies will go earlier into the vault, so come speak, and also be released earlier onto Peacock’s lineup “in windows” transparent 2021. If you’re swearing about this development, you deserve to thank one certain old girlfriend for every one of the heartache: legal rights issues!

How licensing Deals work-related With Streaming Services

Basically, when a streaming business gets the legal rights to a film collection like Harry Potter, that can happen one of 2 ways: either those rights are pre-negotiated when the movie is in theaters, or those rights can be purchased ~ the fact when someone else’s agreement expires. Harry Potter fans would certainly be quite acquainted with that second path, as the movies used to run on Freeform (formerly abc Family) for some time, after i m sorry they made a quick pitstop ~ above HBO Go’s digital library and eventually landing at the NBCUniversal lot. However, there’s one more interesting phenomenon we’ve seen take place as that late.

Either a firm can buy the end those particular streaming civil liberties to its very own IP, choose Disney+ did v Star Wars, or special temporary deals have the right to be hatched, such together the one that brought Harry Potter onto HBO Max for opening day. In the latter case, which is what we’re starting to see an ext of in current times, the streaming civil liberties were obtained from NBCUniversal, which together of this moment has actually the broadcast and also cable civil liberties to the Harry Potter movies until 2025. With that covenant expiring soon, it"s earlier to NBCUniversal the Potter movie go, unless an additional agreement is drafted or Warner Bros buys earlier the legal rights to the films, whichever comes first.

Other major Franchises That have actually Recently Switched Streaming Services

Harry Potter isn’t even the only series to encounter this fate in current months, and also Peacock strangely sufficient has watched itself in ~ the mercy of such agreements itself. If the Jurassic Park trilogy was available for Peacock’s opening day push, those first three films in the entire Jurassic saga were shuttled ago to your previous house at Netflix as of august 1. As one more taunt to the HBO Max library’s supremacy, it right now has to share Batman Begins and The Dark Knight through Hulu, and Peacock, i beg your pardon will have actually those an initial two movies in the future as well.

In a world where Netflix witnessed Warner Bros making that pay for an extra year the Friends, and Peacock do a deal to acquire The Office earlier in time because that its launch, the streaming industry seems more volatile than ever. Harry Potter’s big franchise-wide shuffle is only the latest reminder that, at least for the time being, the agreements of the previous will firmly dictate the chaos the the future. If you desire to take it one last opportunity to speak goodbye to all eight Harry Potter films, you’d far better do so on HBO Max before August 25. After that point, you’ll have to wait till October for them to resurface ~ above Peacock because that a complete month before disappearing again.

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