While Hayden Panettiere is pretending to be a country music singer top top TV, she"s learning how to be one in actual life. Todd Williamson/Invision

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — while Hayden Panettiere is pretending to be a nation music singer top top TV, she's learning how to be one in actual life.

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The 23-year-old actress plays ambitious nation star Juliette Barnes on the fight ABC present "Nashville" (Wednesdays, 10 p.m. Eastern). Her character has performed on the grand Ole Opry, faced the needs of a record label executive, composed songs and also tracked vocals in a recording studio.

"The show, ns feel like, is an amazing second step for me since I love music and also I've always had such terrible stage fright," claimed Panettiere, who newly earned a gold Globe nomination for ideal performance by a tv actress in a supporting role.

"This has been sort of the in between since I acquire to go the end there during scenes through a crowd full of people and also pretend favor I'm performing onstage, and also I'm actually performing a live show," she continued. "It's one thing as soon as you put yourself out there (as a solo artist), it's another thing when you're playing a character. ... Beyonce has her alter ego (Sasha Fierce), and people develop these change egos since it seems prefer a small bit much more protection once you placed yourself the end there for every to see."

Her confidence together a singer is growing, as is her credibility. She sings every one of her very own songs in the show, several of which space featured on the "Nashville" soundtrack, released critical week. Huge Machine Records placed out her tune "Telescope" together the show's very first official single, and it's a optimal 40 struggle on the Billboard country songs chart.

The previous "Heroes" actress has dabbled in music before, performing tracks for assorted Disney films and releasing the pop solitary "Wake increase Call" in 2008, i m sorry failed to chart. A full album was never ever released.

She states doing the show is teaching her around the music industry, and also that acquiring a warm an answer from the Music City neighborhood is encouraging.

"There's no cooler feeling than someone coming approximately you indigenous Nashville ... And also going, 'Thank you for depicting us in such a an excellent light, in such an ethical light, because people who room not indigenous the South have this image and this idea,'" she said.

The display boasts Grammy-winning musician and producer T Bone Burnett as its executive music producer and an accomplished cast, consisting of co-star Connie Britton who additionally earned a golden Globes nomination for finest performance by an actress in a television collection drama.

"There room no indigenous to describe this, one of two people I'm walking to begin tearing increase or I'm going to make an ext grilled cheese," Panettiere said just hrs after she uncovered out about the nominations. "It's therefore amazing, because we had such high hopes and also sometimes you feel like things space too good to it is in true, and I felt like the show was everything that i dreamt of together an actor and also as a musician."

Panettiere claims hearing her song on the radio because that the first time is a moment she'll always remember. She had just hopped into her automobile on a crisp, fall day through her finest friend sit shotgun. She turn the key, and her name popped up on the dashboard.

"I simply bugged out," she said. "I couldn't believe it. I was trying come take pictures at the same time. But it's surreal. ... There space no indigenous to explain how special and exciting that moment is. And nerve-wracking, too, an extremely nerve-wracking."

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