What happens if a man has only one testicle?

What space the side effects of having actually one testicle?

Having simply one testicle is rarely a risk aspect for other wellness conditions. However, it can lead come some health complications.

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These include:

. Testicular cancer. civilization with one undescended testicle have an increased risk that this kind of cancer. The cancer can happen on the undescended testicle or the descended one.

. Subfertility. In rare cases, having one testicle deserve to reduce your fertility. Still, this doesn’t median you can’t have children. You might just need to be a bit much more strategic around your approach.

. Hernias. If you have actually an undescended testicle the hasn’t to be removed, the may bring about a hernia in the tissue approximately your groin that requires surgical treatment.


However, if girlfriend recently lost a testicle, your medical care provider can offer you some more detailed indict on what come expect. It may take a little of time for things to get earlier to normal.

Can i still have children?

Yes, in many cases, world with one testicle can acquire someone pregnant. Remember, one testicle can administer enough testosterone for you to acquire an erection and also ejaculate. This is also enough to create adequate sperm for fertilization.

As lengthy as you’re in good health and don’t have any underlying conditions that could influence your fertility, you should have the ability to have children.

If you have one testicle and also seem come be having fertility issues, consider following up v a healthcare professional. They deserve to do some rapid tests utilizing a sperm sample to inspect for any type of issues.

The bottom line

Several human being organs come in bag — think about your kidneys and also lungs. Usually, world can live with just one of this organs while preserving a healthy, common life. Testicles space no different.

But the still essential to routinely follow up through a doctor, especially if you have an undescended testicle. This will help to catch any kind of complications, such together testicular cancer, beforehand on, when they’re simpler to treat.

While having actually one testicle is unlikely to have an influence on your health, the can impact your self-esteem, especially in sexual relationships.

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If you feel self-conscious around it, consider a couple of sessions v a therapist. They can assist you occupational through these feelings and give you tools to help you navigate sexual relationships.