Harvey Weinstein no battling COVID-19, however he is struggling with a variety of health issues in jail — among which was a 101-degree heat this week, his representatives claimed Thursday.

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“We can report that Mr. Weinstein’s fever has actually dropped but is still being very closely monitored,” claimed Juda Engelmayer, Weinstein’s spokesman, and also Craig Rothfeld, his authorized room of corrections representative, in a joint statement to The Times. “We can also report currently that that does not have COVID-19.”

The disgraced movie mogul’s fever spiked Tuesday morning, Rothfeld said.

“Mr. Weinstein proceeds to be an extremely closely monitored due to a plethora that underlying health issues, i beg your pardon are proceeding to decline, get worse, and need treatment,” lock added.


Imprisoned movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has a fever and also is being very closely monitored through prison medical staff. His reps would not say if he has COVID-19.

The 68-year-old, that will likely to stay in jail for the remainder of his life, is right now in the care of the clinical staff at Wende Correctional Facility, a maximum-security jail in upstate new York, whereby he is offer a 23-year sentence because that rape and also sexual attack in a landmark #MeToo case.

Weinstein has actually not been moved to a hospital external of Wende. The facility has a local medical unit within the prison, and also that’s whereby Weinstein has been because he was relocated to Wende in March. Rothfeld stated the unit is analogous come a hospital within the prison.

The healthcare and also medical team in ~ Wende and also the brand-new York State Dept. That Corrections and also Community Supervision’s main Office have been working v Weinstein’s to represent “to ensure every his health worries will be addressed in a timely manner.”

“We all remain concerned around his health,” claimed Engelmayer and also Rothfeld.

The once-formidable producer’s numerous maladies include a love condition, high blood pressure and also spinal stenosis. At court appearances previously this year, he provided a pedestrian to assist him throughout his controversial trial.


After being found guilty in February, Weinstein left the court in an ambulance and also detoured to Bellevue Hospital, complaining of chest pains and also high blood pressure. A stent was later inserted to unblock one artery. ~ his sentencing, he returned with an ext chest pains, according to the associated Press.

Later, the former film titan was hosted in isolation after 2 inmates in ~ Wende tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The “Shakespeare in Love” producer still deals with a looming legal battle in Los Angeles. In October, neighborhood prosecutors charged him v six added sexual attack counts involving two more alleged victims.

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