Nov. 18, 2011 — -- In the wake of an alphabet News "20/20" investigation into potentially unhealthy conditions at among America"s height egg producers, rapid food gigantic McDonald"s announced it would certainly be detect eggs for its well known breakfast food selection elsewhere.

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But how deserve to you be sure the egg you"re picking up in ~ the regional supermarket room clean and safe to eat, no issue where castle come from?

According come the Food and Drug Administration, an approximated 142,000 illnesses yearly are brought about by human being eating eggs that space contaminated with salmonella. And also though the FDA has regulations in location meant to store the eggs clean before they hit your pan, the administration says consumers room their own best safeguard.

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Whether the chicken that created the eggs was infected with salmonella or the egg were subjected to unsanitary conditions, the many effective means to be for sure is simply to cook them, follow to previous FDA food safety chief David Acheson, and also cook castle well.

"What perform I average by cook them? Salmonella will certainly be eliminated if you cook your eggs so that everything is hard," Acheson told alphabet News. "The white is hard and also the yolk is hard."

To be completely safe that means, follow to Acheson, no runny yolks or eggs sunnyside up.

"If the yolk is runny or the white is runny, the salmonella -- if it"s in there -- can survive," the said.

For any kind of recipes that need eggs it is in undercooked, the FDA recommends using eggs that have actually been treated to damage salmonella v pasteurization.

Before cooking, the FDA emphasizes that every little thing needs to be kept clean.

"Wash hands, utensils, equipment, and work surfaces v hot, soapy water before and after lock come in call with eggs and egg-containing foods," the FDA states on that is website.

After cooking, the FDA states to serve automatically so bacteria doesn"t gain a possibility to get into the dish.


As far as storing eggs for lengthy periods, you deserve to freeze entirety eggs, win yolks and whites together, however eggs need to not be frozen in your shells. If you desire to refrigerate left-over eggs, make sure to usage them within three or 4 days, the FDA says.

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For an ext on egg safety, consisting of an instructional video, visit the FDA website by click here.