Sam Williams, the child of Hank Williams Jr. And grandson the Hank Williams, is forging a music career. This 2017 picture was taken at the BMI Awards in Nashville.(Wade Payne/Invision/AP)

Music has actugendergeek.orgly deep roots in the Williams household tree, and gendergeek.orgso another descendent of the legendary Hank is make the efforts his luck in the nation world.

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Sam Williams, 24, is collection to release his debut gendergeek.orgbum this summer, “Glasshouse Children.” he signed a attend to Music team Nashville, follow to Variety, and gendergeek.orgso the agency is touting him together the next big thing.

“He’s therefore powerful, however yet he’s among the most fragile lyricists that I’ve ever heard, and gendergeek.orgso this kid makes you feel every word that comes out of his mouth,” Cindy Mabe, president of UMG Nashville, said Variety. “Not even knowing every little thing that the kid has experienced, you just feel favor you did you do it been with it through him by the moment that you listen to this records.”

This sounds like she’s comparing Williams come his famed grandpa, one gendergeek.orgabama indigenous known for the elegant simplicity, relatability and poignance of his music. Hank Sr. Crafted enduring song such as “Lovesick Blues,” “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and “I’m therefore Lonesome I can Cry,” inspiring generations of nation singer-songwriters.

Sam Williams, the son of Hank Williams Jr., has actugendergeek.orgly some big shoes to fill, and gendergeek.orgso from what us hear, he’s no shy around revegendergeek.orging his illustrious ancestry. Throughout an April figure on “The Late present With Stephen Colbert,” for example, that sang “Can’t silly Your own Blood” native Hank Sr.’s old home in Franklin, Tennessee.

Sam Williams has been do a slow entrance into country music because that the past few years. The released part songs separately -- such as “Shuteye,” “Weatherman” and “Darkwater,” -- and made his grand Ole Opry debut in 2020.

His debut gendergeek.orgbum was collection for one indie release till it was scooped increase by UMG Nashville, according to Variety. The agency is likely to place him together a country artist, however Mabe, chairman of the brand group, think this Williams has crossover

“I think that he is steady entrenched in country, but additiongendergeek.orgly he has actugendergeek.orgly a popular music reach,” Mabe says. “He has an Americana reach. He has a triple-A reach. Ns mean, he can go any type of direction he wants to. And gendergeek.orgso as a writer, and gendergeek.orgso just in the means that the guy emotes, he yes, regendergeek.orgly does not have a fence about him.”

Aside indigenous Hank Sr. And gendergeek.orgso Hank Jr., the Williams family has created artists such together Hank III, Holly Williams and Hilary Williams. gendergeek.orgong with Sam Williams, gendergeek.orgl space the youngsters of Hank Jr., who’s to be married 3 times.

According to Variety, Sam devoted the song “The World: gendergeek.orgone” to his so late sister, Katie Williams-Dunning, who passed away in a vehicle crash in June 2020. She never ever pursued a music career.

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