Bio and also birth dates - facts on Gwen Stefani, ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, sons Kingston, Zuma, Apollo and Gavin"s daughter Daisy Lowe

Gwen and Gavin’s children:

Kingston James McGregor, born 26 may 2006Zuma Nesta Rock, born 21 respectable 2008Apollo Bowie Flynn, born 28 February 2014Daisy Lowe, born 27 January 1989. Daisy is Gavin’s son with Pearl Lowe.

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1995 – 2002

No Doubt singer and also frontwoman Gwen Stefani very first met she future husband Gavin Rossdale, command singer of the band Bush, in 1995.

After six years of lengthy distance dating, Gavin proposed come Gwen on new Years work in 2002, and later that same year, Gwen and Gavin acquired married – twice!

The very first ceremony was in St. Paul’s in London and also the second in Gwen’s hometown in America.


2004 – 2005

In 2004, Gwen and Gavin’s marriage was rocked as soon as it was revealed the Gavin was the organic dad come his girlfriend Pearl Lowe’s teenage daughter Daisy. Pearl and also Gavin’s connection happened prior to Gavin met Gwen but she was said to be “devastated and infuriated” in ~ the discovery. Gavin was previously Daisy’s godfather prior to he took a paternity test.

In December 2005, after previously denying pregnant rumours, Gwen shown the news on stage in Florida as soon as she request the audience to, “sing for this reason loud the the infant hears it.”

Gwen had actually to continue the tour after she discovered out she to be pregnant, yet sought lull from her fans in the crowd.

“I looked out and also see girl from the age of eight to 15 in the front row, who obviously didn’t recognize that i was pregnant even though ns was feeling prefer a large fat huge whale – they to be looking in ~ me prefer I was Cinderella. And it to be so amazing. So rewarding.”

After Gwen announced her pregnant news and also her bump began to show, she admitted, “It’s the best gift ever, however I carry out look at my phase clothes and wonder if I’ll ever before get right into them again.”

Gwen likewise revealed the she no a large fan of being pregnant, “You feeling pretty gross when you’re first pregnant. You don’t feeling cute, you feeling disgusting. You’re getting fat. I hope the my kids will save my from mine vanity,” Gwen admitted.

However, despite Gwen not feeling she sexy-self during her pregnancy, she adopted pregnancy cravings! The singer apparently had a taste because that spicy foods and would carry approximately a bottle of Tabasco sauce so she might spice up any kind of food she ate. At the time, a girlfriend of Gwen said, “There’s only three categories of food Gwen likes right now: hot, hotter and also hottest!”

2006 – 2014

On might 26, 2006, Gwen provided birth to her and also Gavin’s very first baby, a boy called Kingston James McGregor Rossdale at the Cedars-Sinai Medical center in LA. Kingston sweet 8lbs 8oz and also was born by caesarean.

After Kingston was born, dad Gavin speak out about how his and Gwen’s life had changed. “I need an ext sleep. Of course, no issue what time you obtain to shut her eyes, the precision the a baby ready to meet an additional day is unwavering. Require coffee. Strong, thick, eye-opening and above all, helpful,” he said at the time.

Gwen likewise revealed what her life as a mum was like, post-birth. “Your management is like, whoosh! she sleep deprived however you have this stunner amount the energy because of every the hormones. “I’m fear what will take place when it all stops. What it’ll feel prefer going back to consistent me. I just want to make babies and make records,” Gwen said at the time. “I can’t wait to acquire pregnant again. It’s for this reason fun, consuming and also romantic.”

Sticking to she word, Gwen and Gavin announced the they to be expecting a second baby. In fact, it was Gwen’s father-in-law Douglas Rossdale who let the slip the Gwen to be pregnant!

Gwen kept a low-profile during her second pregnancy, and, luckily because that her, she planned that so she no on tour, so had actually the chance to relax. Gwen offered birth come her and Gavin’s second son, Zuma Nesta Rock, on august 21, 2008. Zuma to be born in the Cedars-Sinai clinical Center, the exact same as his large brother.

“Kingston, Gwen and also Gavin Rossdale invited the newest member that the family and also couldn’t it is in happier,” the couple’s representative stated at the time.

Talking around the birth, Gwen revealed that it took big bro Kingston a while to obtain used to the idea of having an extra tiny person hanging around. “It’s like, here is this guy, and he’s no leaving. Kingston is gaining used come that. Obviously there room moments as soon as he’s bugged the someone is in his spot with his mum,” Gwen stated in 2008.

The Rossdale brother are growing up come be quite the mini fashion icons. Choose mum Gwen, eldest boy Kingston is apparently “fashion mad” and also walked the catwalk v his mum throughout one of her fashion shows (gwen design a womenswear label dubbed L.A.M.B). Kingston looks like he has inherited his dad’s heartthrob characteristics too after he was spotted swapping numbers with a girl in the playground!

Little brothers Zuma is also shaping approximately be a cool dude – if a tiny inquisitive – after he broke his arm whilst trying come find another adventure! The guys are likewise not against rocking matching looks either!

On 28 February 2014, Gwen and also Gavin welcomed their third son, named Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale. Pictured listed below with mum Gwen in 2017. Pictured over is Gavin v all 3 the his sons.


2015 – 2017

In august 2015, it was reported the Gavin had an affair with their children long-time nanny, a woman named Mindy Mann, for over 3 years. US Weekly reported the Gwen found the affair in February of the exact same year. Gwen filed for divorce.

In February 2016, Gwen and her brand-new boyfriend, US country superstar Blake Shelton, walk public with their romantic connection at the Oscars after ~ party. The pair met in 2014, together judges top top the us version of The Voice. Blake had recently divorced fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert.

In April 2016, Gwen and also Gavin’s 13-year marriage officially and also legally concerned an end when Gwen to be granted a divorce. The former couple now share joint custody of their 3 sons.

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In September 2016, Gavin to be spotted on a day with sweden model and also Tiger Woods’ ex Elin Nordegren.