We have never been huge liqueur drinkers, however we received Bailey"s, grand Marnier and Amaretto liqueurs end Christmas and we simply dying to shot them! So, my question...once this are opened do they need to be refrigerated? They practically look like they have to be however then i can"t open them since my refrigerator is jammed v Christmas leftovers. LOL. Or, are they good on the shelf? I have actually no reservation so you re welcome tell me, what execute YOU do??? Thanks!

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I"d save the Bailey"s in the fridge as soon as it"s opened, yet the various other stuff must be well on the shelf.

You"re welcome!

Grand Marnier is my favorite drink. It"s so good after a large meal. Ns don"t refrigerate it, simply keep that on the shelf. Enjoy!!

Well if ya prefer sweet drinks, try mixing the Bailey"s with some butterscotch schnapps (Buttershots concerns mind). Include a tiny bit the ice and - bottom up! over there is a name for this drink, only I can"t post it

OK - I have actually never refrigerated Bailey"s. Really need to I? ns guess it has actually never do me sick, so i shouldn"t worry about it. Well, I simply looked at a bottle and also it does not say refrigerate. However, that does say come store in between 40 and 77 levels or other to the effect, for this reason storing it in the cabinet over my stove/oven probably isn"t the finest idea.
None of this liqueurs needs to be refrigerated -- not even the Bailey"s, back cold Bailey"s is rather nice. Pour it over ice.Grand Marnier is without doubt the orange flavoured one -- enjoy!
The fridge point with the Bailey"s is more of a choice thing. It"s therefore nice to pour few of that cold Bailey"s right into a warm cup the coffee.... *yummy*
I constantly fridge my Bailey"s. Mine Dad had two party "solidify" due to the fact that they gained too warm.Grand Marnier is the an essential to the ideal margarita. That is yes, really expensive, so happy you! Enjoy.

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Q. What is the shelflife the Baileys original Irish Cream? A. Baileys is the just cream liqueur that guarantees a totally natural product i beg your pardon delivers the unique, smooth Baileys taste for 24 month from the job it to be made.One that the tricks to achieve this is the artful mix of fresh irish cream and aged irish whiskey - two assets that space not usually compatible. This is achieved through a combination of art and science and without the usage of additive or preservatives, which outcomes in the alcohol acting as a herbal preservative for the product. Exactly how we perform this should remain among the closely guarded secrets, which add to creating the world"s favourite liqueur.Baileys should be stored away from direct sunlight in ~ temperature variety of 5-35 levels centigrade. Friend don"t have to refrigerate your bottle, yet we would recommend that - and it tastes even far better when chilled! Fluctuating the temperature too lot will reason it to walk lumpy - so try and constantly keep it about at the very same temperature. The storage conditions are the exact same for sealed or unopened bottles. If you are concerned about a bottle of Baileys - every bottles now bring a best prior to date - have you confirm the finest consumed prior to date top top the bottle? If so, have you gone beyond the date? If girlfriend cannot find a day on the bottle, have actually you had actually the bottle for much longer than 24 months? friend don"t have actually to concern if you have actually - the is quiet fine to drink - it simply won"t taste as an excellent as usual. Us wouldn"t recommend drinking it if it has actually gone lumpy or the mixture has separated though. Baileys contains no preservatives or additives and also so have to be consumed within 6 months of opening the bottle.