Google drive is the modern-day tough drive to keep documents, spreadsheets and memories. However, just like old-school difficult drives, Google drive operates through finite room and running out of room can be a genuine hassle.

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Google provides 15 GB of complimentary space through every Google drive account. At face value, that seems favor a pretty an excellent deal, particularly when you compare it with other storage solutions choose Dropbox and also Box. However, this 15 GB of complimentary space no only contains your Google journey but also your Gmail account (messages and also attachments) and Google Photos.

If girlfriend haven’t upgraded her Google drive storage yet, sooner or later on you’ll uncover yourself butting heads versus the 15 GB limit. Fortunately, you deserve to delete papers from Google Drive. Those documents go right into a special folder referred to as Google drive Trash.

However, the concern is, walk Google drive Trash help totally free up space?


Google drive Trash

Trash is come Google journey what Recycle Bin is to a PC. Essentially, you deserve to delete records temporarily and also restore lock in situation you require them again.

The function of rubbish is to:

Remove shared papers from your Drive: If girlfriend don’t very own the file, it will eliminate it just for you.

Remove original files from your Drive: If she the owner, the paper will be gotten rid of for you and the user(s) you shared the documents with.

Move Items native Google journey to Trash

Delete files and also folders indigenous Google journey for PC, Android and also iPhone/iPad.


Step 1 – sign in to your Google journey account

Step 2 – select the item(s) you desire to delete

Step 3 – click on the trash have the right to icon at the top


Step 1 – open the Google Drive application on your Android device

Step 2 – Tap records at the bottom

Step 3 – pick the item(s) you want to remove

Step 4 – click on the trash have the right to icon in ~ the top

Step 5 – pick Move come Trash in the check pop-up


Step 1 – start the Google Drive app on her iPhone or iPad

Step 2 – Tap files at the bottom

Step 3 – pick the item(s) you desire to remove

Step 4 – Click the 3 horizontal dots at the top and press Remove

Step 5 – pick Move to Trash in the confirmation pop-up

Empty Google journey Trash

However, if you under the impression that carrying unwanted files and folders come Trash will minimize your warehouse burden, you wrong. Google drive Trash does take it a bite the end of her 15 GB warehouse limit. The only method to free up room is to north the trash folder by permanently deleting the items in it. You can manually delete items or you have the right to wait for 30 days, after i beg your pardon the item in trash are automatically deleted.

Permanently Delete Items from Trash

Manually delete items native Google journey Trash for PC, Android and also iPhone/iPad to free up her Google journey space.


Step 1 – In the garbage folder, pick the item(s) you want to delete and then right-click top top them

Step 2 – Click Delete Forever top top the screen and the confirmation pop-up


Step 1 – In the garbage folder, choose the item(s) you desire to remove

Step 2 – tap the three vertical dots in ~ the top

Step 3 – Click Delete Forever top top the screen and the confirmation pop-up


Step 1 – In the trash folder, madness the three horizontal dots beside the item you desire to remove

Step 2 – Click Delete Forever ~ above the screen and also the check pop-up

Watch how to north Google journey Trash for Android & iPhone/iPad:

Troubleshooting Google drive Trash

Often, when trying to permanently delete items, Google drive Trash can stop working. It typically happens when you try to remove a big number that items in ~ one go.

Here space three tips to troubleshoot Trash:

Delete items one at a time 

Sometimes, items might be corrupt, i beg your pardon creates worries when selecting and deleting a huge number of files when emptying Google Trash. Try deleting them one item at a time instead. This could be time consuming but there’s a great chance you will certainly empty her Trash successfully.

Clear the cache 

Before emptying Trash, clean your browser cache due to the fact that it puts secondary load on the browser. The very same goes because that the Google drive app. Launch the sidebar, walk to Settings and also click on clean Cache.

Give preference to cell phone devices

Using drive on a cell phone phone seems to it is in pretty easy compared to the computer version. Interestingly, countless users have suggested that utilizing mobile apps to empty the trash has a higher success price than the web version.

Google journey Trash Recovery

Accidental deletion is generally followed by regret and consequence. Fortunately, Google drive Trash allows you recuperate data, although to a limited capacity. You have 30 job to recuperate data native Trash, adhering to which Google will instantly delete the data.


Step 1 – In the garbage folder, choose the item(s) you desire to restore

Step 2 – at the top of the display click Restore


Step 1 – In the rubbish folder, pick the item(s) you want to restore

Step 2 – madness the three vertical dots at the top and click Restore


Step 1 – In the trash folder, click the three horizontal dots next to the item you desire to restore

Step 2 – pick Restore

Watch how to recover deleted items in Google Drive:

Recover Permanently deleted Data v

The concern is, exactly how do you recuperate data from Trash write-up the 30-day mark?

Google journey items spend 30 job in garbage after friend delete them and also another 25 job in post-Trash, during which they room still recoverable. G Suite administrators can easily restore permanently deleted data as much as that point. However, post that, it isn’t possible.

But that’s where covering comes in. G Suite backup is an enterprise-class, automated backup and also recovery equipment for Gmail, drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts and also Sites. Through daily, automatically backup and unlimited on-demand backup at her disposal, you have actually the power to regain data from any kind of previous day from the time covering was placed in place.

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Well, what are you waiting for? cost-free up your Google Drive space with and breathe a sigh of relief.