Before we tide goodbye to any an ext characters — significant or boy — take a moment of quiet to mental those that died before them this season


Zach (Kyle Gallner): Beth"s friend at the start of season 4. Bitten by a walker and also crushed by a helicopter ~ Bob Stookey by chance alerted walkers come the group"s presence.

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Clara (Kerry Condon): Runs into Rick if he"s outside the fence and also tries to kill him. Revealed to it is in taking treatment of she husband"s reanimated head. Commits self-destruction by stabbing it s her in the stomach.

Violet: Pig the Rick warned Carl not to get attached to together they would have to use she for food. Dies of flu virus that would ultimately plague the group.See exclusive photos: ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Finale Pushes stack to ‘the absolute Limit,’ says Producer
Patrick (Vincent Martella): friend of Carl"s in ~ the start of the season. An initial person to die from the flu virus. Comes back as a walker and kills several members that the group.
Greg (Greg Crews): A member of the prison community, Greg was the first person to acquire bitten by the zombified Patrick. Killed by Daryl after the turns right into a walker.
Ryan Samuels (Victor McCay): father of Lizzie and also Mika. Bitten through walkers inside the prison who passed away from the flu virus. Killed by Carol in ~ his own request before he deserve to turn right into a walker.
Karen (Melissa Ponzio) and David (Brandon Carroll): Infected through the flu virus and quarantined. Found by stack in a prison yard, murdered and also burned. Carol later on admits come Rick the she eliminated them in an effort to save the rest of the jail safe.
Ana (Brina Palencia): A survivor found by Rick and Carol throughout a scavenging trip. After ~ being invite to join the prison group, she splits approximately quicken the scavenging. Found by Rick and Carol through her leg chopped off and being consumed by walkers.
Mr. Jacobson (Randy Woods): This Woodbury resident-turned-prison survivor died of the flu prior to being stabbed in the head by Glenn.See photos: Batman Prequel ‘Gotham’ very first Looks: Ben McKenzie, Donal Logue, Robin mr Taylor
One of two Random jail Survivors: This young woman died from the flu with one more young man prior to we even knew who the hell castle were.
Caleb Subramanian, a.k.a. Dr. S (Sunkrish Bala): This doctor died from the flu, then to be stabbed by Hershel once he came earlier as a zombie.
Noris (Jan Harrelson): Bitten by his own son, who died from the flu outbreak in the prison and reanimated. Zombie Noris is then eliminated my Maggie.
David Chambler (Danny Vinson): passed away of lung cancer…then had actually his head bashed in v an oxygen tank by the Governor.
Shumpert (Travis Love): Audiences never ever saw him go, yet Martinez told the governor their old companion was bitten and then shoot in the head.
Ceasar Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo): The governor fed his old girlfriend to a pit complete of hungry zombies.See photos: The encounters of Pilot Season 2014
Pete Dolgen (Enver Gjokaj): This soldier in Martinez"s team of survivors was stabbed and also strangled by the Governor before his body was dumped into a lake, and reanimated underwater.
Meghan Chambler: This little girl the the branch took a liking to to be bitten by a walker, climate shot in the head through the male who swore to protect her before she turned.
Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson): This way old man, a key member that Rick"s entourage, to be decapitated by the dastardly Governor.
Julio (Santiago Cirilo): This member the the Governor"s militia was shot throughout the failed siege of the prison.
Alisha (Juliana Harkavy): shoot in the head by Lizzie, that thinks it"s it s okay to kill humans, not zombies.
The governor (David Morrissey): after kicking Rick"s ass in a final confrontation outside the prison, Michonne stabbed the series" key antagonist v the back, and then his latest gal pal, Lilly, shot that in the head.
Mitch Dolgen (Kirk Acevedo): The Governor"s militia member obtained an arrowhead to the chest after utilizing a tank come tear down the prison"s defenses.
Flame (Horse): Michonne"s stallion was killed in the Governor"s assault on the prison. PETA, surprisingly, didn"t seem to care.
Luke (Luke Donaldson) and Molly (Kennedy Brice): The too adorable little boy (left) to be devoured through zombies, and also fellow prison brat Molly (back right) most likely was, too.
Christopher (Cameron Deane Stewart): This prison survivor was just trying to enjoy a warm, clear day top top the train tracks with his pops as soon as he was swarmed through walkers and eaten alive. Great thing we didn"t accomplish this male in the prison, otherwise, his death can have mattered.
A bunch of prison survivors we never ever really met or cared about (various actors and actresses): Bullets or velvet to the head.
Lou (Scott Dale): Strangled to death by Rick, since contrary to the famous philosophical question, no, we can"t all just get along -- particularly not in the apocalypse.
Mika Samuels (Kyla Kennedy): Stabbed to fatality by she crazy sister, who thought she could talk come zombies.
Lizzie Samuels (Brighton Sharbino): Carol shoot this poor, little psychopath in the head ~ the 11-year-old murdered her own sister to prove a point: zombies room people, too!
Len (Marcus Hester): Beaten and murdered by his corridor of not-so-friendly pals after attempting to frame Daryl because that stealing his half of a rabbit they hunted.

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