Gina Rodriguez common some good news for Jane the Virgin fans. The actress took to her Instagram v her on-screen son Elias Janssen do a large reveal. “We got great news the CW! Jane will be birthing a spin OFF!!!!! woman The Novelas.” In the picture, Gina is in character as Jane, when Elias places his hand on her infant bump.” Gina and also the creators the the series revealed that the present will end this year, ~ its fifth season.

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Gina Rodriguez revealed the Jane the Virgin is obtaining a spin off series Photo: Instagram/

The CW shown the news and also offered much more information around the showcalling it: “A novela anthology collection in the heritage of Jane the Virgin, where each season is based upon a different fictional novel “written by” jane Villanueva and also narrated by the writer herself.” The statement continued: “The first installment takes ar at a Napa sink Vineyard, where family members secrets (and family members) don’t stay hidden for long.”

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It has actually been evidenced that the 34-year-old actress will not jgendergeek.orgt lend she voice come the series, but occupational behind the scenes as an executive producer. The announcement and also the infant bump space leaving a lot come the creativity of fans. With the cheeky post, fans have actually a lot come look forward to leading as much as the finish of the hit series.

The 34-year-old star the the present will executive create the brand-new series Photo: Getty Images

Last year, the Carmen Sandiego star opened up up about the series’ affect the collection has had on Latina's in telvision. "What is therefore amazing around Jane the Virgin isn't jgendergeek.orgt that woman is a Latina, yet she's a woman," she said.

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