No one"s ever referred to as Giada De Laurentiis soft-spoken. Food Network"s resides Italian expert is pretty vocal on and off her show โ€” so lot so the it kind of feels favor we recognize everything around her. Yet if you"re unfamiliar, think about this your very first official meeting.

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Her reputation as a legit Italian chef come honestly. De Laurentiis was born on respectable 22, 1970 in Rome. She didn"t move to America till she to be 7-years-old.

The most famous member the her family was Academy Award-nominated Dino De Laurentiis, her maternal grandfather. She mother, Veronica De Laurentiis to be an actress, and also her father, Alex De Benedetti, to be an actor and a producer.

De Laurentiis"s degree from the university of Los Angeles is in anthropology, however she later chose to go after her passion. She enrolled at Le Cordon bleu in Paris and dedicated in both cuisine and pastry.

After graduating indigenous Le Cordon Bleu, De Laurentiis scored work as a chief in southern California at the Ritz-Carlton and also at Wolfgang Puck"s Spago. Eventually, she opened her very own catering company called GDL Foods.

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According to From Scratch, a tell-all book about Food Network, the head the the network spotted De Laurentiis"s photograph in an article around her grandfather. He referred to as her up and also asked if she wanted to host a cooking show.

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Rumor has actually it, if training to be on television, De Laurentiis"s producer Irene Wong instructed her to grin and bear it throughout the entire display โ€” if talking, if lifting a super-heavy pan, while testing a bite the food. Now, she functions to take care of it: De Laurentiis also keeps this whitener in the fridge since it lasts much longer in there.

It was called Everyday Italian and went ~ above for five years and also 12 seasons. The first cookbook she ever before wrote shared the same name and also featured some of the most renowned recipes on the show.

In addition to gift a continuous Today show food correspondent, De Laurentiis has been the hold of eight regular collection on Food Network, including Food Network Star and also Giada In Italy.

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De Laurentiis has written nine various cookbooks concentrated on all points Italian: pasta, weeknight meals, family members dinners. She also created a photo book meets cookbook series for kids. There room eight books, each of i beg your pardon highlight among De Laurentiis"s favourite places, consisting of Paris, Naples, and new Orleans.

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Italy is clear a favorite, however the travel ar on De Laurentiis"s website reveals so numerous other locations she"s been. She"s obtained guides come fifty spots everywhere the world, with restaurant and also store recommendations.

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It"s situated in The Cromwell Hotel in ras Vegas, and also it"s called after her: Giada. Her 2nd one, Pronto, just opened in ~ Caesars palace in Vegas, and also a 3rd spot, GDL Italian by Giada, will open in Baltimore soon.

De Laurentiis married Todd Thompson in 2003, and the couple had a daughter, Jade, in 2008. But in 2015, De Laurentiis and Thompson obtained divorced. After, she was attached to Bobby Flay, yet she and also her producer boyfriend Shane Farley are currently pretty open about their practically three-year relationship.

She said Bon Appetit the spaghetti with melted chocolate was her favourite meal growing up. "Once in a blue moon, I"ll still have actually it," she said the magazine.

She"s emphasize the point in a ton that interviews, however her illustration on Conan went entirely viral. Apparently, we"re every saying the surname of the noodle incorrectly. It"s spah-gih-tee, not spuh-geh-tee.

De Laurentiis has said the she just takes one bite the the things she cooks on her show โ€” because that the camera, of course. But a pair years ago, a "source" alleged the she doesn"t even do the โ€” she renders a crew member take it a close-up bite.

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