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Comparing mortgage uses helps you find the lowest feasible rate, which can ultimately save you thousands in interest. If you’re no careful around how friend comparison-shop, though, you could unnecessarily ache your credit transaction score, which can make it harder come qualify for the best rate.

With a bit of planning, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s just how to shop for a mortgage without hurting her credit.

1. Shop about within a brief timeframe

When you’re all set to gain preapproved because that a mortgage and also want to compare uses from multiple lenders, aim to perform it within a 45-day time frame. That’s because in this window, every one of the credit inquiries various lenders make appear as one inspection on your credit transaction report. While her score can be influenced by the single inquiry, that won’t be influenced as lot as many inquiries on your report.

That gift said, it deserve to be a an excellent idea to gain prequalified well prior to this time framework so the you have more time to to compare rates and also fees.

2. Obtain prequalified

Getting prequalified for a mortgage — part lenders speak to this a rate check — have the right to be a smart strategy if you’re concerned around damaging your credit transaction score together you comparison-shop.

To prequalify you because that a loan, lenders inspect your credit report, however conduct a “soft” inquiry, or soft pull, in which they prescreen her report without it affecting her score. A “hard” credit transaction inquiry, in comparison — i m sorry happens once you gain preapproved or formally apply for a loan — can adversely influence your score. Prequalification permits you to shop around and also compare prices without this risk.

Keep in mind: While acquiring prequalified can assist minimize damage to her score, the is no substitute for gaining preapproved as soon as the time comes. In today’s seriously competitive seller’s market, a preapproval is crucial to prove come sellers you’ll be able to get jae won if your market is accepted.

3. Organize off on using for brand-new credit 

If you’re likewise considering opening a new credit card or taking out a personal loan while you shop for a mortgage, it is in aware: lot of inquiries because that different types of credit have the right to negatively influence your credit score, hindering your initiatives to attain a competitive mortgage rate.

If possible, wait till you officially close on your mortgage before using for extr forms of credit.

4. Examine your credit transaction report

Whenever you apply for a loan, understanding where you was standing credit-wise is important. If you examine your credit transaction report well in breakthrough of comparison-shopping because that a mortgage, you deserve to take proactive measures to boost it if required — or fix any errors — placing you in the ideal position to gain the lowest rate without accumulating unnecessary inquiries on her report.

You can obtain a free copy that your credit transaction report from each of the three significant credit report agencies each year at Don’t problem — check your credit report won’t influence your score.

5. Pay down debt

If your credit transaction score could use improvement, among the ideal ways to raise the is to pay under your debt, favor credit card balances. If doable, pay turn off a credit card balance in complete — bonus points for maintaining the balance together low as possible moving forward.

Paying down your debt has a dual benefit: much less debt lowers her debt-to-income ratio, i beg your pardon can aid you qualify for a enlarge mortgage or one with far better terms.

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Next steps

Protecting your credit score is important, even if you’re not shopping because that a mortgage. When you’re approved for a residence loan and moving with the closeup of the door process, proceed to maintain your score through refraining from using for other varieties of credit, and continuing come pay down balances when possible.