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Buying a house deserve to be a lengthy process, yet one way to speed the mortgage component of the is to get prequalified. A mortgage prequalification is one step short of a preapproval, yet has its advantages. Here’s what prequalification is every about, and why you could want to gain prequalified because that a mortgage.

What is mortgage prequalification?

A mortgage prequalification is an calculation of how much a borrower can be authorized for based on income and also other basic factors. The prequalification procedure is simpler than the preapproval process, and also can commonly be done v a phone speak to or online type that gives some financial details to a lender.

Pros of mortgage prequalification

You’ll obtain an idea of her budget

One advantage of going through the prequalification procedure is the you’ll have actually a basic idea of what you have the right to afford prior to you shop because that a home, says Mac Cregger, senior vice president and local manager of angel Oak home Loans in Atlanta.

You’ll prevent sticker shock through going through this procedure early, especially if you’re buying your very first home.

“Sometimes buyers may have an unrealistic perception of payment on a particular home because of the means some that the info on mortgage payment may appear online,” says Craig Garcia, president of resources Partners Mortgage in Coral Springs, Florida. “Having a strong knowledge of what a realistic payment is on a house can assist buyers emphasis in on properties that realistically match their budgetary desire or constraints.”

Potentially, you’ll additionally know whereby you stand through closing costs, claims Abel Carrasco, loan originator through Homeowners Financial group in St. Petersburg, Florida.

“Understanding just how much money you’ll need to lug to closing, consisting of the under payment and closing costs, will aid you much better manage her spending and assist plot a course to aid you attain your goal of homeownership,” Carrasco says.

You could be in a more powerful position

A prequalification have the right to put girlfriend in a “better negotiating place with the seller,” points the end Peter Boomer, a mortgage executive at PNC financial institution — although this days, a preapproval stop much more weight.

Still, being prequalified can aid let the seller recognize “you mean business,” Carrasco says.

“It’s not uncommon in this industry for sellers and their Realtors to insist on seeing a prequalification letter front to also letting you view the home,” Carrasco says. “In a warm market, sellers don’t treatment to waste their time preparing their house for a showing and also leaving only to have a ‘tire kicker’ traipse through their house with no method or intentions of to buy it.”

You have the right to learn an ext about your options

Although prequalification is no a formal procedure like preapproval, it offers a borrower the chance to administer some info to a lender ~ above income, assets and also liabilities, Cregger says.

Now the the lender has this information, you have the right to learn around the different types of mortgages that’d right for her situation, and potentially any kind of first-time homebuyer program or aid you qualified for.

“Perhaps you space able to acquisition with less of a under payment 보다 you assumed or maybe your credit transaction is in better shape than you thought,” Garcia says. “Understanding your alternatives helps friend make far better decisions once it come to picking a home.”

Cons that mortgage prequalification

It can affect your credit score

If you get prequalified many times over a long period, together as once in January and again in June, your credit score will certainly be impacted. This isn’t ideal, due to the fact that you’re looking to apply for a loan v the many favorable rate and also terms.

If you make mortgage prequalification inquiries end a much shorter window, however, they’ll have small effect on your score. That’s since credit scoring models group inquiries in ~ a much shorter period, commonly 30 days, into one inspection on your credit report. That means you need to do all her shopping around in a quick amount of time, if friend can.

“It’s your ideal as a consumer to be able to shop in between lenders to make sure you’re gaining competitive quotes,” Carrasco says.

Once a lender pulls your credit, that exact same report will certainly be offered for underwriting if you submit a full mortgage application — and the lender doesn’t need to pull the again, because the report is an excellent for 120 days, Carrasco adds.

Nothing is guaranteed

The mortgage industry does not have actually a characterized standard ~ above what specifically constitutes a prequalification or preapproval, Garcia says.

Most mortgage lenders take into consideration a prequalification as a preliminary rundown of a borrower’s needs and qualifications, design to give the borrower an understanding of what may be possible. In various other words, prequalifying doesn’t mean you’re guarantee to get a loan. In fact, if the prequalification process isn’t as associated as the preapproval or doesn’t walk into sufficient detail around your financial situation, you have the right to still get denied. In this way, prequalifying can provide a false sense of security.

Next steps

If you’ve to be prequalified and narrowed down your find for a home, it’s time to gain preapproved.

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In the preapproval process, the lender evaluate your credit transaction report and also financial situation and also approves you for a specific mortgage loan amount. This needs submitting much more detailed information, including documentation about employment, car and also student loans, total savings and other debt such as credit cards.