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Getting prequalified because that a credit card have the right to be helpful, yet it"s simply a first step in obtaining that new card. Below are some means to make prequalification work-related for you.

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If you’ve ever seen your credit scores drop a few points after using for a credit transaction card, you recognize the affect a hard inquiry can have on her credit.

Hard inquiries usually occur as soon as a lender or credit card issuer checks your credit as soon as making a lending decision, and also you commonly have come authorize them.

But what about simply checking if you prequalify for a credit card? can a prequalification ache your credit transaction scores?

The simple answer is “no,” however the full picture gets a bit an ext complicated.

Prequalification is typically considered a soft inquiry, and it won’t hurt your credit all ~ above its own. In fact, it can be a helpful tool for lowering your danger of gift rejected for a brand-new credit card.

But prequalification is no a insurance of approval, and also if you want that brand-new credit card, you’ll eventually have to apply for it — and face the hard inquiry that goes together with it.

Before you use for a prequalified card, it’s essential to know what “prequalification” means in the an initial place.

If you’ve shopped about for credit transaction cards online, you’ve most likely seen devices that allow you to check whether you’re prequalified before applying. Perhaps you’ve also received an offer in the letter informing you the you’re prequalified because that a specific card.

So, just how do the credit card companies determine that you prequalified? In other words, exactly how do lock predict the you’ll be approved?

Well, it turns out they’re no actually mental readers.

Credit bureaus may have listed credit card companies with lists of consumer who have actually credit scores in ~ a particular range.

The companies might then reach the end to these consumers with offers for particular cards they’re likely to qualified for, based on this early information. Due to the fact that they didn’t get this details through a hard inquiry, your credit transaction scores won’t be affected.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s dive a little deeper into what prequalification entails and also what to look out for in terms of your credit scores.

Can a prequalification hurt your credit scores?

What’s a tough credit inquiry?

As we mentioned above, there are two types of credit transaction inquiries: difficult inquiries and also soft inquiries.

Hard inquiries are generally triggered when you use for a loan or credit transaction card and also the lender checks her credit when making a decision on her application.

While a new card or loan may follow a hard inquiry, a tough inquiry can additionally lower your credit transaction scores by a few points. A tough inquiry may remain ~ above your credit reports for up to 2 years, however the damages may be gotten rid of even prior to then.

“Hard inquiries have a much smaller influence than most human being think,” says Randall Yates, founder and CEO the The Lenders Network. The notes that this might be particularly true about FICO scores, which only consider inquiries from the previous 12 months.

Soft inquiries, on the other hand, commonly happen once an employee or company checks your credit as part of a background check, or once you inspect your very own credit. A soft inquiry may take place with or without her permission, but it won’t affect your credit scores.

As part of the prequalification process, a lender can perform a soft inquiry, i m sorry may offer it sufficient information come predict even if it is you’re most likely to be approved.

If I’m prequalified, to be I guarantee to obtain the card?

Prequalification is absolutely not a guarantee that you’ll be approved. Rather, think that it together an invite to apply.

The an excellent news? based upon the info the credit card agency has on you, you’re more likely come be authorized for those offers you prequalify for. The catch? If you decision you want the card, you’ll still have to apply.

The credit card firm will then do a difficult inquiry and decide whether to approve you for the card, and at what terms. It may be frustrating, but it’s important to understand that it’s still feasible to it is in rejected also though friend prequalified.

On a brighter note, it’s also feasible to be authorized for a credit card even if you weren’t prequalified. This might be the case if you’ve functioned to enhance your credit in time or if you’re relatively new to credit and also your name has actually never been on a marketing list.

To help minimize your opportunities of gift rejected because that a card, friend can check your VantageScore 3.0 credit transaction scores from two major credit bureaus and also your approval odds for details cards on credit transaction Karma.

Does checking my credit scores on credit Karma count together a tough inquiry?

No, check your very own credit scores on Credit Karma doesn’t qualify as a difficult inquiry, and also you have the right to do therefore as frequently as you’d favor without the affecting her scores.

Learn an ext about what your credit transaction Karma Approval Odds really mean

Bottom line

Checking to watch if you’re prequalified because that a credit transaction card deserve to be a good way to assist minimize the danger of obtaining rejected. Yet actually using for any kind of credit map can create a tough inquiry that can influence your credit scores.

Just remember: even if you’ve got a prequalified sell in the mail, or you’re shown to be prequalified by an virtual tool, it’s not a insurance you’ll be approved.

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Another course is to save tabs ~ above your present credit scores and compare them come the mean approved variety of credit scores for a product prior to applying.