retired Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki's portrait and immigration story room featured in the brand-new book. photograph courtesy that George W. Bush Presidential facility



Golf star Annika Sorenstam's portrait by George W. Bush. photograph courtesy of George W. Bush Presidential facility

Royam Mahboob pertained to the U.S. To escape the Taliban. photograph courtesy that George W. Bush Presidential facility

Gilbert Tuhabonye survived genocide in Barundi and also became a skilled runner, who now lives in Austin. photograph courtesy the George W. Bush Presidential facility

George W. Bush is ago on the canvas. ~ above Tuesday, April 20, the previous U.S. President, a self-described "simple painter," unveiled 43 new portraits of inspiring immigrants at the George W. Shrub Presidential facility at southern Methodist university in

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"Out the Many, One: Portraits that America"s Immigrants" is a special, limited-time exhibition that consists of portraits of sports stars, politicians, CEOs, and everyday heroes whom shrub painted to "remind us of the numerous ways in i m sorry America has been strengthened by those who have come right here in search of a far better life," he says in a statement. The exhibition synchronizes with the April 20 release of Bush’s new book, Out that Many, One: Portraits the America"s Immigrants (Crown, $38).

One of the many recognizable deals with to gendergeek.orgites will be Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki, who involved native Germany to play in the NBA in 1998. That reportedly started the procedure of becoming a U.S. Citizen after he retired in 2019. His portrait appears on the covering of the book, and an accompanying story defines his journey:

As a 7 foot high 20-year-old indigenous Germany, Dirk Nowitzki arrived in and began finding out the obstacles that come with starting a new life in a international land — and around high expectation from basketball fans. Yet by the end of his career, Dirk was so beloved that the city named a street after him not since he"s one of finest players in NBA history, but because of exactly how much he"s given ago to his embraced home.

Other significant subjects incorporate former U.S. Secretaries that state Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Albright; golf star Annika Sorenstam; movie star and also former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger; Austin-based skilled runner Gilbert Tuhabonye; tech CEO Roya Mahboob; Ernst & Young talent leader Thear Suzuki; and Chobani yogurt founder Hamdi Ulukaya.

The location of the book and also exhibition was motivated by the motto on the great Seal of the unified States, "E pluribus unum," which way “out of many, one.”

“At its core, immigrant is a sign of a confident and also successful nation," shrub says in the book. "It says something about our nation that people all about the human being are ready to leaving their homes and leave their families and risk everything to involved our country. Their talent and also hard work and love of freedom have helped us come to be the leader of the world."

Both the book and the exhibit shine a optimistic light on immigrant (which some doubters are calling ironic). They likewise foster discussion on the many worries surrounding the immigration conflict in the United says — a topic that is particularly relevant together the Biden management grapples through a swell of migrants in ~ the southern borders. 

During one April 18 interview through CBS Sunday Morning, shrub said one of his best disappointments together president was not passing systematic immigration reform, and also he referred to as on congress to tone under their "harsh rhetoric" top top immigration.

Bush also penned a Washington Post op-ed both expressing his see on exactly how to restore confidence in America"s immigrant system and promoting the book — utilizing a little of his characteristic, self-deprecating wit.

“Next week, i’m proud come publish a new collection of mine paintings, licensed has been granted Out of Many, One. The publication may not collection the art world stirring — hopefully, the critics won’t speak to it "One too Many,"" the writes. "I set out to accomplish two things: come share part portraits that immigrants, each v a remarkable story I shot to tell, and also to humanize the conflict on immigration and reform.

“I hope the these faces, and also the stories that companion them, offer as a reminder that immigrant isn’t just a part of our heritage. Brand-new Americans are just as lot a pressure for great now, through their energy, idealism and also love of country, together they have constantly been.”

Bush"s project got a cool premiere Tuesday morning top top NBC"s Today, where he and former very first lady Laura shrub took part in a citizens ceremony the U.S. Citizens and also then sat under for a chat v daughter and show organize Jenna bush Hager. His promotional blitz will additionally include an illustration on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! ~ above April 21.

"Out of Many, One" will be on see at the shrub Center with January 3, 2022. Timed tickets ($10) need to be purchased virtual in advance; current hours room 10 am-3 afternoon Tuesday with Saturday only.

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The permanent museum exhibit remains closed because of COVID-19 and also open in a future reopening phase. Cafe 43 will certainly be open up for reservation-only dining at reduced capacity. 


"Out of Many, One: Portraits that America"s Immigrants" runs April 20, 2021-January 3, 2022 at the George W. Bush Presidential Center, 2943 SMU Boulevard,;