CLAIM: Billionaire charity George Soros owns Smartmatic poll machines. Don’t throw her vote far if girlfriend live in a state that uses them. Ask because that a paper ballot. Under federal legislation the polling location must administer one.

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AP’S ASSESSMENT: Soros, that donates to liberal politics causes, does not very own Smartmatic, a company that specializes in poll technology.

A write-up circulating on on facebook featuring a photo of Soros and titled “Defeat election Fraud” falsely cases he owns the firm and name 16 claims as locations that use them. Three of the claims — Michigan, Missouri and Washington — were holding primaries top top Tuesday.

Similar false cases have circulated previously with write-ups dating together far back as 2016. Michigan has three voting device vendors authorized for the state, which are ascendancy Voting Systems, election Systems and Software and Hart InterCivic. Samira Saba, a spokeswoman for Smartmatic, told The associated Press in an e-mail that Los Angeles ar is currently the this firm only client in the U.S.

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While the chairman that SmartMatics and also the SGO Group, note Malloch-Brown, offer on the Open culture Foundations worldwide Board — founded by George Soros — SmartMatics is not owned by Soros himself, in spite of what the article circulating extensively on social media suggested. The company’s website detailed that “George Soros does not have and also has never ever had any type of ownership stake in Smartmatic.” Smartmatic took component in its very first U.S. Election throughout the 2005-06 choice cycle, when it offered its solutions to 16 states, according to their website.


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