George H.W. Bush accompanied his boy George W. Shrub to the mound because that the ceremonial an initial pitch prior to a Texas ranger World collection game in 2010. The elder Bush's love for baseball and the Houston Astros was steadfast until the end.(2010 document Photo / Staff)
WASHINGTON — George H.W. Shrub had a well-documented love of baseball and the Houston Astros.

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And even after his death, shrub got in one critical parting shot in ~ the team’s biggest rival — the Texas Rangers.

The list of human being attending Thursday’s funeral in Houston contained two Astros favorites, hall of Famers Craig Biggio and also Jeff Bagwell. Noted next was fellow Hall that Famer Nolan Ryan, of the Astros “and various other lesser teams.”

Whether it was bush who directed who to include the phrase, or someone else, the jab did no go unnoticed. That was first reported by the Houston Chronicle.

On the guest perform for today's company for George H.W. Bush: Several former baseball players noted as Astros and also members of other "lesser teams."

— Samantha Ketterer (

Ryan, a an elderly adviser for the Astros, offered as president and also co-owner the the Rangers until he join the Astros in 2014.


Former Texas ranger pitcher Nolan Ryan is greeted by friends adhering to the funeral organization for George H.W. Bush, the 41st chairman of the unified States, in ~ St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, Thursday, December 6, 2018. (Tom Fox / employee Photographer)

As a significant league pitcher, he invested 13 seasons with the brand-new York Mets and also the California Angels, eight through Houston and five with the Rangers prior to retiring in 1993.

During his stretch with the Rangers, Ryan became good friends through George W. Bush, who had actually a partial property in the society from 1989 come 1994.

Both previous presidents participated in pregame festivities before Game 5 of the 2017 World collection in Houston between the Astros and also the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Astros won a 13-12 slugfest and also captured the location in video game 7 in Los Angeles.

The Bushes also took the mound together the son threw the end the ceremonial an initial pitch in Arlington before Game 4 that the 2010 World collection between the Rangers and the san Francisco Giants.


Baseball legend Babe Ruth presented the manuscript that his autobiography to Yale university in 1948. Castle were got by the Yale baseball team captain — George shrub (in uniform). Likewise present were: Bob Kiplurth, Yale athletic director; Professor James T. Babb, Yale librarian for preservation; and also Mayor wilhelm Celentano and his son. (George bush Presidential Library / MCT)

A lifelong love of the game

The elder bush enjoyed sporting activities in general but was passionate around baseball. After offer in civilization War II, that enrolled at Yale, where he to be the captain the the baseball team and also played an initial base because that the 1947 and 1948 squads that played in the very first two College civilization Series.

In his final season, Bush participated in a ceremonial picture with Babe Ruth as soon as the baseball legend donated the manuscript that his autobiography to the Yale library. Ruth died a couple of months after the encounter.

Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams and Bush ended up being lifelong friends after ~ both were selected because that the same aviation regime in 1942 — one of the most dangerous training routes to knife commission together a pilot, according to anne R. Keene, the writer of a book about Williams.

The world War II veterans campaigned together in new Hampshire when shrub ran for president in 1988, and also they reunited years later as fishing buddies in the Florida Keys, Keene said in a obelisk for The Dallas Morning News.

In 1991, bush awarded Williams the Presidential Medal of Freedom. That exact same year, he invited Williams and Joe DiMaggio come a ceremony in the White home Rose Garden come celebrate the 50th anniversary that Williams" hitting .406 and also DiMaggio"s hitting in 56 straight games in 1941.

Texas A&M University, where bush was set to remainder at his presidential library Thursday, paid one last tribute come the 41st president. The number 41 was mowed into the outfield in ~ Olsen Field, wherein the Aggies beat baseball.

Blue_Bell_Park). 41 loved baseball and he was recognized to keep a mitt in the Oval Office desk. He to be captain that the Yale Baseball team and even played in the CWS. #honoring41 #remembering41 #bush41

— Holly Kasperbauer (

Matthew Adams. Matthew is a Washington correspondent for the Dallas Morning News. Prior to that, he worked in the Houston Chronicle's Austin Bureau extending the Texas Legislature and also state politics for The News and Observer in Raleigh. Matthew has degrees in journalism and radio-television-film native the college of Texas.




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