I inquiry to obtain my laptop battery changed at geezer squad and also the person said come buy the battery an initial and come in to obtain it changed later. So a week later i come in to replace the battery and apparantly the don't perform laptop battery replacements. Is that really just how it is?


Depends top top the laptop. Some batteries are glued in and we won't touch them. Rather are just screwed in and also that's easy enough. However ultimately it's up to the precinct in question.

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Unfortunately my precinct has stopped in store interior battery replacements due to the fact that of past thermal events.

It's supposed to walk to our business center follow to our SOP, yet there are no price approximates in our publication that we deserve to quote.

With business center as busy as it has been lately, our precinct has actually been law it at our discretion. Ie, 'let me double check if my fix agent is comfortable law this' for the $40 quick fix fee. I then say, it's no in our store scope the work, yet on this occasion he/she will perform this because that this one time only.

Apple macbooks space a no-no though.

there actually is a sku because that battery replacements, together the resolution code is GSDC and also the price drops under a complicated hardware install, i m sorry is $80. Strict speaking, the is in ~ SOP, yet as always, even if it is or not we have the throughput and skillsets to perform something is the finish all it is in all. That course, we must theoretically all have actually the skillsets necessary for repairs like this if we perform our learning network skillsets and take them serious (lol... No thanks)

If they no going to execute it anyways the certified dealer should’ve told lock that, or if he thought any of his various other agents would certainly say that. As lengthy as it’s no Apple many agents would perform it, in my experience, however it depends on the precinct. If it is apple the agent should’ve inquiry that before saying come buy one and come back. Either means here i think the agent bears some responsibility, there.

I would usually refer come the company center because that something choose that. Some precincts will carry out them however it's what I would generally consider out the the usual precinct scope of work.

The big reason us don't generally do those in precinct is partly the threat (since lithium batteries are flammable) yet moreso the fact that we have actually no method to resource parts. If you bring us a battery and for whatever reason that battery doesn't work, I have no method of getting another one.

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