Basically, I've been told that once a difficult drive gets filled past about fifty percent of its volume that that slows down. Is this true for all hard drives (or even true at all)?


It's no true that over 50% full has a significant effect. The readjust is little until the harddrive is around 80% full. After the the absence of room can do it complicated for the operating mechanism to find locations to put brand-new files and also scatters them anywhere the drive.

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Imagine a placing a vast book in a library that's virtually full, either you need to move some books out that the method or look with all bookcases till you uncover a totally free spot huge enough because that it. Another solution is to break-up the publication in the middle and put it in 2 places, this provides it slow to check out the publication though since you require to find all piece first.

When over there is very small space left, the operation system might not be able to use the harddrive for temporary storage at all. This severely affect performance, and when it happens plenty of programs will crash v out of memory errors and speed will be atrocious.

There room a variety of things that affect PC performance and also hard journey performance overal and yes volume in usage does pat a factor.

Other components that may cause far better or negative performance through drives have the right to include:

Raid VS no raid configurations

Location that paging paper on the drive and also size the paging file

Speed that HDD, 5400, 7200 10000 and 15000 RPM spindle speed (does not use to SSD)

Interface of drive PATA, SATA, SAS

Type of journey - SSD, Hybrid, typical platter form and if it has native NCQ support

Motherboard bus and also interface - SATA I, II, III

Total volume in use

Fragmentation of files and also size of records in general

Sector Sizes and also filesystem in use, NTFS, HPFS, EXT2 etc...

I hope that helps a litte.

I think friend misread the question.

You room right, total capacity does impact perfomance, the bigger, the slower.

But the concern text asks about remaining decaying space. In that case, the prize is no, most of the time.

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Having a tough disk at 50% doesn't make it slower that having it empty. On the various other hand, disc fragmentation (which usually i do not care bigger as the disk gets full), does gain makes the disc slower since has come jump many times in the key of the decaying to gain a file.