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WE were LEFT sobbing together Franky Doyle (Nicole da Silva) ultimately cleared her name, (and was conserved from the clutches that death).

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Season six"s episode 3 was one unforgettable episode of Wentworth and it kept us guessing the entire way through. Insider caught up withone of the series" original actors membersto chat around her character lastly finding justice. Insider: first of all, congratulations top top the recent twin TV main Logie victory for Wentworth – taking residence both Most well-known Drama Program and Most impressive Drama Series!

Nicole da Silva: i know! It was pretty huge. It to be so unanticipated to win both category so we’re quite pleased about that.

Wentworth really has set a high bar because that female-led series – room you noticing any kind of changes in the industry?

I think we’ve quiet a means to go, to be honest. However I think it has done a lot for female-driven drama. And what’s most necessary to note is that it has actually transcended being female skewed . I have male and female pan alike that gendergeek.orge approximately me and also tell me they appreciate the show.

Back gendergeek.orge the series itself… and Franky acquired her happy ending after every she’s been through!

Yay! Yeah, she does. And I think there to be a organic justice gendergeek.orge it, it essential to happen. A lot of of civilization were gunning for that happy finishing for Franky and it’s beloved to watch it concerned fruition because, together you know, in the dark people of Wentworth, that’s not constantly the case.


Was it difficult to say goodbye gendergeek.orge Franky?

I’m not going to contact it a goodbye if that’s alright? Partly since I nothing think you ever before say goodbye to a character that you play because that so long. Ns think something kind of always remains, so i’m going to steer far from using the G-word.

Okay, so we’ll speak to it simply a ‘farewell for now’. What was it choose filming those scenes…

To it is in honest, it never quite felt like a farewell, due to the fact that Franky is the master of invention and we’ve had actually a couple of ‘farewells for now’! She gained out in ~ the finish of season three, then she was approximately in season four, and then she went in again in season five and also out for six.

That’s the tattoo that’s so clearly emblazoned on her arm – she’s the phoenix rising from the fire, she’s constantly reinventing herself and then speak goodbye and also then we re-experience her anew.


Speaking of her ink, what is her favourite Franky tattoo?

They’re all my favourites. Yet I need to say my favourite favourite is the initial sleeve the Franky had of the half-naked woman. Yeah, it’s end up being so top for the character, therefore I perform appreciate that.

What’s the ideal thing about being Franky Doyle?

Being a bad-arse bitch .

What scene or moments stand out for friend from her time ~ above the show?

I love few of that at an early stage season-one stuff through Jacs (Kris McQuade), those scenes to be really funny to shoot.

Another stand-out would certainly be Bea (Danielle Cormack) and also Franky fighting to be peak dog, in season two, in the laundry. That was excellent to shoot. Us shot that over 7 or eight hours. We were tired by the end, yet it was really thrilling to do.


Do girlfriend remember your first day ~ above set?

Nicole: ns pretty certain we filmed the riot step in the yard from illustration one, i m sorry is the perfect first-day scene to shoot , since you can throw you yourself in and concentrate ~ above the specifically, of what the requires, and there’s no far better way to get into character in Wentworth than having a revolt scene!

And whereby will we find Franky in five years" time, currently that she’s free?

Hopefully running her own legal centre, and doing part good, and living the life the she deserves.

You’re associated with Franky, but if you could go ago and pat anyone else in Wentworth, who can that be?

Pamela Rabe playing ‘The Freak’ looks like she’s having method too much fun, so ns would choose to step right into her shoes for a day.

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