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Today, i visited among your Forever 21 stores near me. Ns know, it was wishful thinking even hoping that there would certainly be a plus size ar inside those 3000+ square feet, together so often garments sizes end at together in your stores. Yet my best friend had actually some (Forever 21 to add size) blue jeans to exchange, and also as you can see I’m a plus size fashion blogger, so i thought maybe I’d pick something cute out for myself. I spent $100 ordering points from your keep online just last week, prefer I do many months. It’s not basic to discover affordable clothing for people my size, and also though your size 3x is snug top top me I have the right to make the work, and also 6 items because that $100 ain’t bad.

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After we display the cashier the blue jeans that need to be exchanged (because they obtained holes in the seams in ~ minutes of putting them on), i asked where the plus size ar was. “Over here” my finest friend says as she start walking into a corner of the keep that I believed was being offered as storage. Ok, that may be a little bit dramatic. I didn’t think that part of the store was in reality being used as storage, due to the fact that I couldn’t see that part of the store. Not from the sprawling glass windows external the store, not from the cashier’s station where possibly there would be a authorize that said “plus”, no from the facility of the keep as that hid back behind the lingerie section (which does no carry any type of plus sizes). Ns was excited that there was actually a space where my 3x sizes were being held, though. Ns was impressed! actual plus sizes in a Forever 21 near me! far better yet, a save clerk aided us uncover my friends blue jeans so we could exchange them. No problem.

Then we were left to “shop”. That was, in a word, horrifying.

Your whole store is lit with beautiful cool white lighting, and also the floors are shiny small tiles that white and gold. There’s equipment on walls, and tiny treasures to be uncovered all over the place. For this reason please, phone call me why the sweet hell the tiny plus size edge is dimly lit v yellow lights, no mirrors, and zero equipment on the shelves. In the Forever 21 close to me there were whole hanging racks with just hangers top top them. No clothes. But of course there to be no garments hanging nicely on the walls… they were all built up into an also tinier edge of the itty bitty room, shoved top top racks the were haphazardly put so close come one one more that nobody might walk between them. I believed for a minute “maybe I’m over reacting. Let’s see… go the remainder of the save look favor this?”. No. Definitely not. Also the many crowded part of the keep were clean and also tidied.


Now, ns am grown. I have the right to do all my shopping digital from my incredibly comfy couch. I recognize where to shop andI havea many knowledge around plus dimension brands. Ns love the shit the end of myself, and have spent a the majority of years breaking under the crap that I’ve learned around my body to realize the I’m totally worthy that cute clothes, as with every other person. Even my, supervisor secure, get an impression ass, could not assist but feel ashamed while i was purchase in her store. I knew exactly what to be happening the 2nd I stepped into that Forever 21 plus size section. I knew ns was being driven aside. Ns knew ns was an after ~ thought.

I’m not your target sector though, am I? No. Your target is a little bit younger than me. I understand this due to the fact that your target market regularly asks me to evaluation your clothing, asks what my favorites native your store are. Her target hasn’t had the time that I’ve had to find out what is so fucked up about society’s attitudes towards fat people. Her target customer might not also have the deluxe of gift able come shop online, so the they can totally skip over the whole in-store experience. They’re young women, who are just looking to feel pretty in some semi-trendy apparel that they deserve to afford. That sounds pretty straightforward right? the sounds choose something everyone need to have accessibility to, something anyone might find. It’s not. Due to the fact that stores keep shoving united state in tiny, dimly lit corners very similar to her store’s set up. For this reason young women, your target audience, continue to feeling forgotten, together if their visibility isn’t also worth the sales dollars.


It’s no us, the consumer, who must be required to feeling ashamed once shopping in your stores. Your reckless neglect of fat people’s feel is shameful. Girlfriend have gained to do much better than this. Us deserve better than this. Year after year, to add size clothes sales increase, and year ~ year we room relegated come a tiny corner in your huge expanse of sales floor. Ns watch her plus size swimwear sell out every summer, while you overlook to include plus size clothing in any type of of her sales.

This is my open letter to you. Questioning you come take the moment to treat us with the respect and also dignity that you law your other customers. I’m asking you come take the time to make the Forever 21 plus size ar reflect the very same shopping endure that you administer our smaller respond to parts. I’m questioning you to assist break the cycle of young women that feeling ashamed of their bodies, aid us come make an ext girls feeling connected and supported by your communities. Produce spaces the make human being proud come wear her clothing. Lug positivity into your stores, instead of alienation.

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I’m over the nonsense, and I recognize plenty of other women space too. Get with it.

Edited come add: Forever 21 followed up around their attempts to make the Forever 21 plus size section much more inclusive. Ns responded in this article.