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The next time you look in ~ a new Ford Mustang, here"s something amazing to notice. The doesn"t say "Ford" or "Mustang" almost everywhere on it. There"s no blue oval. There"s no chrome name badge. However you absolutely recognize what you"re spring at and so does everyone else.

That kind of recognition is one factor -- really, the greatest reason -- that, when Ford announced it to be dropping its auto models in favor of SUVs and SUV-like vehicles, the Mustang to be left standing.

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It"s now the best-selling sports automobile in the civilization but, in a way, that"s no saying much. In 1965, its very first full year ~ above the market, Ford sold well end a half million Mustangs in simply North America. This previous year, v sales spread over 146 nations, Ford sold around 126,000.

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yet the Mustang is as essential to Ford as it has ever been. Maybe much more than ever.

"It"s end up being an ambassador," said Michael Harley, executive, management editor the the auto net site Kelley Blue Book.

as a nationwide symbol, the Mustang is to America what, say, a Ferrari is to Italy or a Jaguar is to England. It"s cheaper than those cars, that course, however that"s component of that is symbolism. That has always been one egalitarian sporting activities car, easily accessible at a wide variety of performance and price levels and also with enough storage space and seating come be used regularly, at least by those there is no a huge family.

The Mustang is crucial as much for the picture it provides Ford as for its really sales numbers.

among the many interesting aspects of the Mustang is its selfhood even amongst Ford motor Co. Products. In the auto sector profits are made with "platform sharing." fairly than start from scratch with every car and also SUV, engineers and also designers will occupational together to develop a simple engineering set-up, referred to as a "platform," that have the right to be used with various body styles and designs, described as "top hats."

because that example, the Ford blend sedan and Edge SUV, as well as the Lincoln Continental, MKZ and also MKX room all based upon the same vital platform. Other Ford models sold in other places in the world additionally share that platform.

12 historical Ford Mustangs

The Mustang, ~ above the various other hand, shares its platform v no other car. Come get anything close to the economic situations of scale needed to make this work, Ford build an incredible array of Mustangs. Buyers can get anything native a $26,000 Mustang v a 310-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine come a $56,000 526 speech Shelby GT350. A Shelby GT500 with something end 700 horsepower is expected soon, too.

~ it to be unveiled in ~ the 1964 World"s fair in brand-new York the Mustang came to be an immediate sensation. The model has remained in production ever before since.

just with its most recent re-engineering, i beg your pardon started production in 2014, go Ford do the Mustang available around the world. The excitement was prepared made. American movies, TV shows and also pop song had already made the Mustang famed everywhere.

The Mustang was, because that a time ~ its advent there, the number one sports auto in Germany, residence of Porsche. That is currently the number one selling sports auto in China.

But, also if the Mustang to be still only easily accessible in the unified States, where simply 82,000 were sold last year, Ford would store making it, said note Schaller, Mustang brand manager in ~ Ford.

an initial of all, that"s not a terrible number -- GM (GM) sells far fewer Corvettes -- but, mostly, it"s simply too vital to the brand to let it go. Even though it doesn"t undertake the "blue oval" badge, the Mustang is still, arguably, Ford"s most crucial marketing tool.