The joined Auto Workers educated workers around the plan in a letter, speak it rejects the move and also it will certainly fight to save the task here.

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The united Auto employees union has actually informed workers at the Avon Lake Ford plant that it plan to move a significant project slated for 2023 native Northeast Ohio to its plant in Mexico.

The letter, date Friday, march 12, stated that Ford is going ago on its commitment to construct a "next-generation vehicle" at the Avon Lake plant in 2023.

In 2019, the UAW claims Ford promised to invest $900 million in a new project in ~ the Avon Lake plant, the was set to begin production in 2023. The agreement likewise included a "complete revitalization" the the facility.

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"Ford employs much more hourly employees in the U.S. Than any kind of other automaker, assembles much more vehicles in the U.S. Than any other automaker, and Ford chooses to invest in America more than any type of other automaker.

"We continue to be committed to investing $6 exchange rate in ours U.S. Plants and also creating and retaining 8,500 work in America during this four-year UAW contract. We are invested in Ohio Assembly Plant and our specialized workforce there," the explain says. "Since 2019, we have invested an ext than $185 million and also created and also retained more than 100 work at Ohio Assembly Plant, including actions planned because that this year. This contains increasing our capacity to build added Super Duty van at Ohio Assembly plant to meet solid consumer demand."

“Clevelanders turned on the neighborhood news and saw headlines about yet one more American coporation, group deciding to build things in Mexico instead of Ohio. Ford had actually made a 2019 commitment come invest $900 million in the Ohio Assembly plant in Avon Lake, Ohio – an invest they promised would create an ext than 1,500 jobs. Ford announced rather that the has made decision not to honor that promise, but instead build its following generation auto in Mexico. The decision to revolve its earlier on the ar is just unacceptable,”Brown said.

In 2019, Ford make a commitment to invest $900 million in ~ its Avon Lake, five plant - NOW, it's reportedly relocating the entire project to... ...Mexico. This is unacceptable. In ~ today's Senate Finance Committee hearing, I referred to as on Ford to store its promise come Ohio workers.

— Sherrod Brown (

UAW leadership at the plant states it plans come fight the decision. You have the right to read the complete text the the letter come UAW members below:

"At the begin of the 2019 UAW-Ford negotiation the union bargaining team established that its main goal was to rise job protection for this great membership. For months, the company and the union held extensive, arduous discussions top top this subject and we concentrated on preserving a strong manufacturing visibility in the unified States.

"Thanks to the decision of the bargaining committee, your strong devoted leadership of regional 2000, and your solidarity we were maybe to acquire commitments in 2019 because that the future the OHAP. The agency committed $900 million for her facility. Several of that committed invest was because that a next-generation product come be added in 2023. Finest of all, the covenant outlined an amazing vision because that the finish revitalization the the OHAP basic that would secure OHAP employment well into the foreseeable future. These contractual commitments to be an huge win because that the UAW, because that the an excellent state the Ohio, the community of Avon Lake, and most importantly the members of regional 2000.

"Unfortunately, Ford Motor company has decided it will certainly not honor its promise to include a brand-new product to OHAP and, instead, that intends to build the next-generation automobile in Mexico. Ford monitoring expects us to just hang our heads and accept the decision. However let me it is in clear, we room making a different choice. Us 100% refuse the company"s decision to placed corporate greed and an ext potential profits over American jobs and the future of ours members. We expect the company to respect its contractual commitments come this membership and also when it stops working to carry out so we will take action.

"We have actually submitted data requests come the company asking castle to define the basis for the decision, however they continue to only provide us v strategically limited information. We room intensely experimenting our options at this time and I will save the members of regional 2000 informed of our following steps. Even though the situation is promptly evolving, i feel that is of too much importance to repetitively communicate critical updates connected with this situation.

"I continue to be impressed in my monitorings of her local management team and I am deeply thankful for their leadership and dedication to this great membership. Furthermore, I want to personally say thanks to each of girlfriend for her guidance, support, and solidarity as we relocate forward.

"Lastly, I desire to speak we are the UAW. We have actually risen come every an obstacle thrown our means since our founding in 1935. This college has always rolled with the punches and also punched back over our weight. We will occupational through this. Please remain safe and also remember that we space all in this together.

Meanwhile, 3News acquired a letter created by Jason Moore, tree manager because that Ohio Assembly Plant/Ford motor Company, to tree employees.

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"Ford Motor firm believes in the Ohio Assembly plant workforce, our state and local government officials, and also the areas of Avon Lake, Sheffield Lake, and Sheffield Village," Moore wrote.