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The Food lover Fat Loss system is touted as the no-diet weight loss arrangement for people who love come eat. Emerged by a agency called Provida with certified nutritionist Robert Ferguson, MS, the is a fairly simple diet plan focused top top pairing the best foods and also eating every few hours.

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Dieters learn about fast and also slow carbs and how to pair them through lean protein and also healthy fats on the Fat ns Plate. Dieters can expect to shed up come 3 pounds per week, depending on starting weight.


The structure of the diet is comparable to other healthy and balanced diet plans the promote plenty of non-starchy vegetables, fruit, totality grains, skinny proteins, low-fat dairy, and also healthy fats in managed portions and also combinations. It deserve to be modified for vegetarians and also is diabetes-friendly and also heart healthy, Ferguson says.

The arrangement starts through the 21 job Metabolism Makeover, adhered to by the Food lover for Life long-term maintenance diet plan.

Promotional materials lead friend to believe this diet revs metabolism and also green lights all the wrong foods.

"Eat all her favorite foods, at every meal and also reduce her waistline" is one of the somewhat misleading insurance claims on the web site the overpromises the actual diet. Many favorite foods, prefer the item of coco cake pictured top top the net site, are allowed in the maintain phase and also only in regulated portions once paired with other foods. What"s more, dieters are urged to skip the cacao cake altogether and also choose sugar-free alternatives.

Food lover Fat lose System: exactly how It Works

Eating the right combination of protein and specific types of carbs is designed come teach dieters exactly how to incorporate foods on the fat ns plate to, according to the plan, "speed up metabolism, which help burn fat."

Fast carbs quickly convert to sugar and also increase insulin levels, vice versa, the preferred slow carbs space metabolized more slowly without spikes in blood sugar and also insulin. The plan"s mystery is regulating carbs and also eating them v protein to blunt the effect on blood sugars and also insulin.

Ron Dudek, PhD, one obesity and also diabetes researcher at east Carolina University and a consultant payment by Provida to review the plan, claims you can turn her body into a fat-burning device with the appropriate foods.

"When friend overeat carbs, as most Americans do, it triggers a increase in blood sugar and also a increase in insulin, which is the culprit for obesity because insulin disclosure fat deposition. When you control carbs, pair them through lean protein, insulin does not spike and also your body climate burns the fat rather of depositing it," Dudek says.


Getting began on the Plan

weight loss is jump-started in the 21-day metabolism Makeover, the core of the diet plan. Every day, the plan unveils a simple diet strategy to help dieters build healthy lifestyle actions that support irreversible weight loss. Habits like keeping a food, water and also exercise log, eat breakfast, managing sodium, picking healthy fats, drinking lots of water, detect a buddy, eating much more fiber, and getting enough sleep are simply a few examples.

Dieters eat 3 meals and also snacks every 2-3 hrs using the Fat loss Plate through approved foods in proper portions. Many meals contain about 15 grams the protein and also 30 grams that carbs and total calorie vary yet are never much less than 1,200 for women and 1,500 for men.

Dieters room instructed come drink 12 8-ounce glasses of water daily, add to 8 ounces for each 20 minute of exercise. Allegedly, the too much amount of water will certainly release 5 pounds the fat in a month. "There are not research studies to file this fat lose to mine knowledge; however, the is not bad advice, especially for people who drink a large portion of their calories, to move to water," claims Dudek.

Exercise is component of the plan, which has workout videos.

More than simply the 21 work Metabolism Makeover and Food lover for Life diet plans, the mail-order package ($139.99) includes workout and motivational videos, food selection planner, cookbook, success journal, eating out advisor and also online neighborhood support is additionally available.

The Fat ns Plate and Snacks

Protein is the centerpiece the the fat loss plate together with fast carbs, slow carbs, and also optional healthy fats. No counting calories or fat grams, however portions room controlled. There are three versions of the fat loss plate to pick from:

version A: 1 protein +1 rapid carb + 1 slow-moving carb (Spaghetti and meatballs through a next salad) version B: 1 protein +3 sluggish carbs (Entree salad with grilled chicken) version C: 1 protein and 1 fast carb (turkey sandwich)

One tablespoon of healthy fat is allowed per meal just with skinny protein and also low-fat quick carbs.

For the an initial five days, snacks room either one part of a whole food such as an apologize or any kind of food that doesn"t exceed 150-250 calories. "Accelerator snacks," which room recommended starting on work 6, must likewise contain at least 7 grams of protein.


What"s on the Menu?

The plan involves utilizing the "fat ns plate" in one of three variations.

Here space the recommended foods to choose to make a healthy fat ns plate:

fast carbs: pasta, couscous, potatoes, bagels, English muffins, rolls, blueberries, cherries, grapes, apples, and also dried fruits Slow carbs: artichokes, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, eco-friendly beans, broccoli, eggplant, asparagus, squash, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, lemons, limes, and also legumes Free carbs: bok choi, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, onions, chili peppers, lettuce, mushrooms, radishes, spinach, and also sprouts Fats: butter, peanut butter, cream cheese, mayonnaise, cheese, bacon, sausage, irradiate salad dressing, nuts and seeds

Limited quantities of coffee, tea, diet drinks, and also club soda space allowed.

Foods not recommended because, according to the plan, castle are most likely to slow metabolism: white, bleached, and enriched flours; alcohol; soda; saturation fats; infectious diseases worldwide fats; partly hydrogenated oils; high fructose corn syrup and other sugars; foods high in sodium; and also most processed foods.

Maintenance Plan

The plan"s five-week Food lovers for Life step is a little much more liberal. It"s a maintenance setup that adheres to the three-week initial phase.

Alcohol, polished flour, sugar, and fried foodstuffs are allowed in this phase but are strongly discouraged. For example, rather of eating deep-fat-fried foods, dieters are motivated to eat oven-fried foods.

Experts" Views

"At the core, this diet is comparable to what ns recommend for load loss," says Marisa Moore, MBA, RD, LD, a spokeswoman for the Academy the Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly called the American Dietetic Association). "There space lots of great aspects to the Food lover Fat loss System, but it is gimmicky and also makes unrealistic promises prefer your metabolism will be much faster or more efficient after ~ 21 days, i beg your pardon is not grounded in scientific evidence."

Dudek gives it a thumbs up. "The actual important part of the eating arrangement is the palliation in the lot of carbohydrates and also learning to do a Fat loss Plate, the rest is frosting top top the cake," that says.


The setup recommends taking a everyday multivitamin, which may be required to covering nutrient shortfalls. It also recommends, but does not require, particular "fat loss" supplements, consisting of omega-3 fat acids, flaxseed, and protein powder. However, those supplements execute not optimize line or encourage fat loss.

Two of the "fat loss" additionally -- borage oil and the "5 means Metabolic Fat Fighter," progressive a red flag for Moore. "There room no studies to assistance the efficiency of the 5 method Metabolic Fat Fighter or borage oil," she says. Individually, several of the ingredients may promote load loss, however Moore does no recommend the supplement because there is a lack of evidence that it is safe and also effective.

"There are no magic bullets to weight loss, but these supplements may not be a bad thing to include to your diet," Dudek says. "Borage oil is an anti-inflammatory agent, and also some of the ingredients in the 5 way Metabolic Fat Fighter may have a minimal effect."

Moore"s advice: save your money, monitor a healthy and balanced diet arrangement from mine Plate, and also skip the load loss supplements. "Weight lose supplements carry out not help dieters develop an important lifestyle alters that space the real key to dropping pounds and achieving lifelong health," Moore says.

Food for Thought

Once friend get past the promises, the Food lover Fat Loss mechanism is a healthy calorie and portion-controlled setup with an emphasis on eating skinny protein, healthy carbs, and also healthy fats. That is financially rewarding for dieters to recognize they can enjoy their favorite foods, even if only in tiny quantities.

Overall, the enjoy the meal plan appears balanced and also sustainable long-term, yet may be deficient in nutrient such as calcium, vitamin D, and also magnesium.

Losing weight is challenging, but if you learn exactly how to pick the right foods and eat them regularly, load loss must be easier. Eating the appropriate food combine will store you full and also satisfied therefore gnawing hunger won"t derail her diet.


Marisa Moore, MBA, RD, LD, spokeswoman, Academy that Nutrition and also Dietetics.

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Robert Ferguson, MS, CN, author, Diet-Free because that Life; consultant ~ above Food lover Fat ns System.