Who space Florida Georgia Line? 10 things You should Know around The Duo Behind 'Meant to Be.'

We've acquired you sorted through all the details.

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So you"ll certainly have checked out the surname Florida Georgia heat cropping up recently.

Their track "Meant to Be" through Bebe Rexha is storming its means up the main Vodafone large Top 40 at the moment.

Florida Georgia heat featured on Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso"s vast tune "Let Me Go" newly too.

But who room Florida Georgia Line? Is it a band? Is that a singer? Is the a plane?

Don"t sweat, we"ve got you spanned with the 10 an essential things you need to know…

1. That is in Florida Georgia Line?

Florida Georgia Line space a pop and also country music duo indigenous America - developed of lead singer Tyler Hubbard and backing singer Brian Kelley.

2. Why are they called Florida Georgia Line?

Tyler and also Brian"s an initial ideas for a name revolved roughly peaches and also oranges. The duo then made decision they actually wanted to reflect wherein they were both came from - Brian from Florida, Tyler indigenous Georgia - and also the "Line" got included on the end.

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3. When did Florida Georgia line meet?

Tyler and also Brian met in 2008 whilst at Belmont University. After ~ graduation, the pair moved in together and also gave themselves two years to succeed as a country music duo. Fair to say, it"s gone pretty well!

4. What is Florida Georgia Line"s biggest song?

Florida Georgia Line"s first single "Cruise" is the best-selling country song of every time in the unified States. The track to be released in 2012 and also featured on the album "It"z simply What we Do".

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5. Who have Florida Georgia Line functioned with?

The team featured top top The Chainsmokers" monitor "Last job Alive"" from your 2017 album "Memories… do Not Open." They"ve likewise worked through Nelly, American nation legend Tim McGraw and the top 90"s band Backstreet Boys.

Most recently, Florida Georgia heat featured on Hailee Steinfeld and also Alesso"s "Let Me Go" together producer watt. The course, among their greatest collaborations is through Bebe Rexha top top "Meant to Be."

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6. Space Florida Georgia line in a relationship?

Both Tyler and also Brian space married. Tyler hubbard married his long-term girlfriend Hayley Stommel on 1 July 2015. Brian Kelley married his girlfriend Brittney Marie Cole on 16 December 2013.

7. What is expected To be about?

The song is about not worrying also much about the future, relaxing and also living in the moment. Simply accept that whatever will be, will be!

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8. Wherein was the "Meant come Be" music video filmed?

The "Meant come Be" video clip was filmed in Albuquerque, new Mexico in the united States. The road in the video clip is part of the famed Route 66. Also featured space the Grandview Motel and Café 66.

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9. Space Florida Georgia heat a country act?

Yeah, country and pop! Florida Georgia Line have actually helped make "bro-country" renowned in the US. It"s country music with a little of rock and hip-hop thrown in - and songs often tend to be about partying.

10. Just how much room Florida Georgia line worth?

The Richest approximates that the duo have an approximated net precious of $50 million, which would make them among the highest possible paid country music action in the world.

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Listen come the main Vodafone huge Top 40 this Sunday from 4pm to discover out wherein "Meant to Be" charts.