Does an initial Strike apply when two creatures fight, i.e as soon as they have actually been targets that the hit ability?




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first strike only works in combat, and Fight is no a combat ability. Check out the an extensive Rules:

701.12. Fight

701.12a A order or capacity may instruct a biology to fight another creature or it might instruct 2 creatures come fight every other. Each of those creatures deals damage equal come its strength to the other creature.

701.12b If a biology instructed come fight is no much longer on the battlefield or is no longer a creature, no damage is dealt. If a biology is one illegal target for a solving spell or capability that instructs it come fight, no damages is dealt.

701.12c If a creature fights itself, the deals damages to itself same to twice its power.

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701.12d The damage dealt as soon as a creature fights isn’t combat damage.

702.7. First Strike

702.7a first strike is a static capability that modifies the rules for the combat damages step. (See preeminence 510, “Combat damage Step.”)

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