Sharing your place with friends and also family have the right to be a really useful method of discovering your loved ones’ whereabouts. It way you don’t need to be constantly sending out “Where room you?” texts when arranging to satisfy up. Two of the key players in the industry are Life360 and Find mine Friends.

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Life360 is much more angled towards families, and styles itself together a personal social network because that your family members. This network is dubbed a Circle, and once every member has the app on their phone and is logged in, it will certainly track their location over the course of a day. If at any time a member’s call is switched off, or loser its data connection, this will be reflect on the map of your activity, which is available for all of the various other members the the Circle come see.


Find mine Friends, while complimentary for every users, doesn’t carry out any of the driving associated features. Nor and does it provide a background of you and also your contacts’ place updates. It also doesn’t report top top battery status, or carry out ETAs, and you can’t usage the application to send messages or assist alerts once you’re in trouble.

Battery Usage

Because the Android’s more accurate and also battery intensive gps capabilities, and also the regularity that its place updates ~ above both platforms, Life360 will drain your battery a bit faster than find My Friends. This is many noticeable when you’re driving, therefore it might be a good idea come plug your phone into your auto if you usage the Driver protect package.

In a Nutshell

Essentially, find My Friends nice much simply does what it claims – it help you to recognize where her contacts are, and also that’s pretty lot it.

Life360, top top the other hand, is a more comprehensive service that has actually a lot more options accessible for both maintaining track of her family and friends’ locations. It also has a selection of safety-related features to help carry out peace of mind because that parents who desire to save tabs on their loved ones, especially in dangerous situations.

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Finally, Life360 takes increase a fair bit more space on your phone than find My Friends, despite it’s quiet not an especially big. ~ above Android, Life360 takes increase 34Mb, ~ above iOS, 176Mb. Find My Friends at the same time is a relatively tiny 1.2Mb.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Find my Friends is fine if girlfriend don’t need loads of extras, and also just want to do specifically that. Life360 will probably be much more of interest to safety parents. But it can additionally be supplied in occupational situations, and also even assist to store track the at-risk adults. If you’ve found any type of other far-reaching differences between the apps the we’ve missed, let us recognize in the comments section below.