Male-to-female (MTF) hormone therapy, or estrogen hormone therapy, is a therapy that some civilization may receive in order come induce “feminine” physical traits and also suppress “masculine” ones.

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People who undergo estrogen hormone therapy will get medication come block the activity of testosterone, a hormone responsible because that traits that people may take into consideration to be masculine.

They will also receive estrogen, i m sorry is the hormone responsible for what world may see as commonly female characteristics.

There are numerous potential benefits and risks estrogen hormone therapy might have. The alters it reasons may be short-term or permanent.

This post will change the ax MTF hormones through estrogen hormone therapy. This is since MTF hatchet is binary and also exclusionary. Not everyone who offers estrogen-based hormone therapy may determine as male or have actually the score of becoming female.

In this article, we comment on estrogen hormone therapy, consisting of what human being can suppose during and after treatment.

Estrogen hormone therapy definition

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Estrogen hormone therapy is a therapy that induces frequently feminine physics traits if suppressing generally masculine ones.

People undergoing estrogen hormone treatment usually receive the hormone estrogen, and other medicine to reduce testosterone.

This can result in the advance of commonly feminine second sexual characteristics, such together fat circulation and development of breasts. The can additionally decrease the development of facial and also body hair.

Other names for estrogen hormone therapy may encompass feminizing hormone therapy, gender affirming hormone therapy, and also cross-sex hormone therapy.

Why a person has it

A human being may undergo estrogen therapy if castle have sex dysphoria. This is as soon as a human experiences distress since their sex identity does not enhance their sex assigned in ~ birth.

Estrogen treatment may reduce a person’s gender dysphoria and also emotional distress and also improve their high quality of life. It may also assist promote the corresponding of a person’s gender identity and also their body and allow them to experience gender congruence.

Those who receive estrogen hormone therapy throughout adolescence (around the period of 16 year or older) might avoid the development of male an additional sexual characteristics, such as a deepening voice and also the development of body hair.

Not everyone who experiences gender dysphoria will undergo hormone therapy. While that may have actually benefits because that some, the treatment is not without risk.

According come the nationwide Transgender Discrimination inspection Report ~ above Health and also Health Care, at the very least 80% that transgender human being have undertaken cross-sex hormone treatment or wish to at some point.

However, estrogen hormone therapy might not be suitable for everyone. Some human being may suffer potential symptom or challenges in receiving treatment. This may encompass those who:

are under 16 year of age

The conventional first-choice gender-affirming hormone therapy for those receiving estrogen hormone therapy entails estrogen in mix with anti-androgens.

A doctor may additionally monitor health and wellness to certain the human body is taking in medication and also to help identify potential health and wellness problems.

Estrogen hormone therapy may involve:


Estrogen is responsible for many feminine characteristics. The preferable form of estrogen for therapy is estradiol, as it most closely resembles estrogen the the ovaries produce.

Estrogen hormone therapy is available as an injection right into a muscle (intramuscular) or a pill. It is also accessible in transdermal form, as a patch that a human wears on your skin.

Those aged 40 years and also older may receive estrogen together a patch to alleviate the threat of thromboembolism.


People can take anti-androgens as either injections under the skin (subcutaneous) or dental medication.

Anti-androgens block the activity of testosterone to alleviate masculine characteristics. The most typical oral anti-androgens offered in the United claims are spironolactone and finasteride.


Some human being undergoing estrogen hormone therapy may also receive progesterone.

However, using this hormone is controversial, and many guidelines perform not introduce its use. Together a result, plenty of doctors do not prescribe it.

When can civilization take it?

The age at which people can accessibility gender affirming hormone treatment varies globally.

For example, in Europe, many countries permit people age 14–18 to accessibility it. However, in part countries, such together the Netherlands, world can accessibility it from the age of 12 years with parental consent.

In some other European countries, access depends on the maturity that the human who would prefer to get the therapy.

In the U.S., most human being can access estrogen hormone therapy at the period of 18 years, once they are capable of consent. In ~ 17 year old, a human being may have access, yet they will require a parental or guardian to companion them to appointments. At the age of 16 year or younger, extr paperwork is essential to access such therapy.

Some world may take into consideration estrogen hormone therapy a 2nd puberty. While some transforms may take place within weeks, it can take years for the complete effect.

Changes might include:

Physical changes

People making use of estrogen and anti-androgens as part of their hormone treatment may notice:

drier and also thinner skin with smaller poreschanges in the odors the sweat and urinea palliation in sweat productionthe breakthrough of breast buds beneath the nipples the will develop into breasts as treatment progressesa much more feminine facial appearancean rise in fat approximately the hips and also thighsa loss of muscle mass in the arms and legsa palliation in strengtha palliation in body and facial hair

Research additionally indicates the cross-sex hormone treatment transforms the framework of the brain to carry trans world closer to their determined gender.

These changes could potentially influence a person’s verbal and also spatial abilities and also the way they interact with others.

Reproductive changes

According come UCSF Transgender Care, the influence of estrogen hormone therapy on fertility is unclear.

Individuals who are sexually active with a human being who can acquire pregnant should use condoms or another kind of birth regulate to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

However, those who might wish to be a parental at some allude in the future should take into consideration whether they want to maintain their sperm. If fertility may return after stopping hormone treatment, this go not always happen.

Emotional changes

During estrogen hormone therapy, a person’s emotional state may or might not change. A human being is likely to suffer a rollercoaster that emotions, yet this will certainly usually work out down after a while.

People may experience a wider range the emotions, have various interests, or behave contempt differently.

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When a human being receives therapy for sex dysphoria, lock may additionally begin to feel more like themselves and much more comfortable in their own body.

Sexual changes

Estrogen hormone treatment will typically adjust a person’s libido and their genitals. People may experience:

a reduction in the number, duration, and also firmness that erectionsshrinking that the testicles to less than fifty percent their original sizechanges in orgasmschanges in arousalchanges in sexual interests and also attractions