Emily Compagno is an achieved legal and also sports service analyst. She has operated in number of capacities in her career, including being a sporting activities reporter, attorney, and NFL cheerleader.

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Emily Compagno's bio

Emily to be born in Oak Knoll, California, in 1979. Just how old is Emily Compagno? as of 2021, she is 41 year old.

Emily Compagno's country background is White-Caucasian, and also she is one American by nationality. Her an excellent grandfather was associated in army work and was vested a silver- Star medal because that his function in world War II.

The sports service analyst to be raised in addition to two siblings. Emily Compagno's sisters are Natalie and Julietta Skoog. They thrived up in El Cerrito, California.

Emily to be interested in dancing from a young age and also began dancing at the tender age of three.

The sporting activities analyst posing for a photo. Photo:

The sports business analyst enrolled in ~ the university of Washington, where she learned to become a lawyer. She also attended the college of san Francisco, wherein she graduated with a Juris doctor degree.

During her time at the university of Washington, she was awarded the United claims Air force Reserve Officer maintain Corps’ Cadet the the 4 minutes 1 Award.


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The sporting activities analyst started her career together an attorney. She began by functioning as an intern v the well known Honorable man T. Noonan, Jr.

She has since worked together a lawyer in numerous areas. She has been a federal controlling attorney because that a top government agency, a civil litigator, and also a criminal defense lawyer. In addition, she to be a general attorney in ~ the social Security management between 2010 and also 2014.

The jar attorney has actually been involved in number of federal and also government cases and issues. These include the Hillary Clinton State room classified emails, commonwealth spending bill/government shutdowns, the brand-new York prison break, to surname a few. She has additionally been connected in various NFL and also MLB topics as a respected attorney.

Emily to be an NFL cheerleader for plenty of years while all at once practicing law. She additionally served together Captain because that the Oakland Raiderettes because that a couple of years.


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As a cheerleader, Compagno acquired to visit the troops in Kuwait and Iraq as component of a performing NFL military tour. She additionally represented the NFL during the beginning of NFL China in Beijing and Shanghai.

When functioning as a gendergeek.orgimate intern, Compagno took trip widely fan to her involvement in charity work. She has travelled come African countries such as Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia as a volunteer trying to accomplish the requirements of the orphans in this regions. She is still connected in philanthropic activities.

Career in ~ Fox News

Compagno currently works as a legal and also sports service analyst. She is a co-host in ~ Fox News' Outnumbered. She has additionally had number of guest appearances on the news channel’s shows, such together The Greg Gutfeld Show and The Five.

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During she career as a sports reporter, the analyst extended the PAC-12 sporting events, which carried her to the limelight. Fox News' Emily Compagno has also contributed to assorted radio sports shows and also digital sports magazines.