Erin Krakow is a talented actress ideal known for her roles as Elizabeth Thatcher ~ above When phone call the Heart and also Tanya Gabriel on Army Wives.

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Would you present yourself?

Sure thing! Hi, my surname is Erin Krakow. I an initial got affiliated in experienced acting ~ graduating native The Juilliard School. Prior to that, i attended the Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. Institution of the art in West Palm Beach, Florida, and I definitely believe the education I received at Dreyfoos aided prepare me because that college auditions.

I wouldn’t be wherein I am today without my education. I’m very grateful to my teachers and it’s an honor to get to beat one top top TV.

Newer fans may not establish this, yet you did no originate the function of Elizabeth Thatcher in When call the Heart. To be it difficult picking up the duty so shortly after another actress played the part?

Truthfully i didn’t really spend any type of time thinking around that. I wasn’t pertained to with placing a distinctive spin top top Elizabeth OR trying to emulate Poppy Drayton’s beautiful performance.

I simply approached the function in the method that felt right and also truthful come me. And I feeling fortunate that that was never ever really a discussion.

Luckily, those in power favored what I lugged to the table and also the rest is history.

I also think it aided that we were may be to develop our very own kind that pilot illustration out the Season 1 illustration 1 there is no relying completely on the WCTH movie to collection the tone for the series.

I’ll constantly feel linked to Poppy with Elizabeth. Hope we’ll get to work on something with each other soon. That would certainly be special.

You operated on army Wives v Catherine Bell — that is currently the command character on The an excellent Witch. Carry out the 2 of you share any commonalities in how you ended up in in ~ Hallmark?

I loved working with Catherine on army WIVES. She to be so type to me and has come to be a to ~ friend! She’s likewise incredibly talented!

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I don’t understand the details the Catherine’s journey to Hallmark Channel, but I do recognize that ns glad she’s a part of the family because it way we get to see each other at network events!

What carry out you most remember about your very first day that filming When phone call the Heart?

I mental the excitement and also the smoke. Back in the early days the WCTH us were utilizing a many atmospheric smoke, or haze.

The very very first scene we shot was between Lori Loughlin and also me. It was the scene where Elizabeth had spent the night at Abigail’s (after burning down the teacherage) and was obtaining up because that her very first day the school.

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I just remember gift so happy come be functioning on this brand-new project – and to it is in working with Lori – and that us were struggling to see each other across the rowhouse since of all of the smoke!

Dan joined united state for the following scene we shot, and it to be clear also then that we all had actually something very special. That seems prefer years earlier and just yesterday every at once.

Brian Bird stated that “When calls the Heart” almost didn’t happen since of jae won challenges. In what means does Brian’s persistence mirror challenges faced by characters within the show—and exactly how is Brian viewed by actors members?

Erin Krakow: That’s together an interesting comparison, and one I’ve never heard do before. She right. Brian, Michael Landon Jr., and Brad Krevoy really lugged WCTH ago to life after financial challenges stalled manufacturing on the movie.

I’m so glad they did since it’s brought about the series that has been among the good joys of my life.

Similarly, the characters in Hope sink often uncover themselves in cases where through persistence and also determination they’re maybe to overcome challenges.

Regarding ours cast’s tardy of Brian, he’s an integral part of the radical of ours show. He’s among the visionaries behind adapting Janette Oke’s publications from page to screen.

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He’s additionally been important in his support of the Hearties pan base.

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In quick – we think he is pretty great!

Howhave you developed as an actor due to the fact that the an initial season that “When call the Heart”? How has actually your character advanced in the time period?

I discover from every project I take and also WCTH is no exception! Elizabeth has advanced too. We’ve checked out her walk from a fish out of water who might barely take care of herself, to a confident, independent, frontier, MARRIED woman, come a mrs who has actually experienced a very painful loss.

And now we deserve to look forward to a adjust for Elizabeth in Season 6 that will certainly be very huge and very little simultaneously!

See what ns did there?