Dwayne Johnson, a cast member in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” at the in march 2013 Los Angeles premiere in Los Angeles. Johnson is back in Honolulu come visit his “old haunts,” including a previous home wherein he once got evicted.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson post an Instagram video clip as he returned to his “old haunts” in Honolulu.

Movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is back in Honolulu to visit his “old haunts,” including a previous home native which his family were when evicted.

Johnson post a video to his Instagram ~ above Monday, telling his 138 million followers he is life proof that success is possible for those who battle to do ends meet.

“Stay strong, have actually faith and also keep pushing through,” he said.

In 2018, Forbes called Johnson as the highest-paid actor in the background of the outlet’s Celebrity 100 list.

In the video, Johnson claimed he checked out his grandmother and grandfather’s grave, Washington middle School and McKinley High School.

“And all the areas I used to acquire in trouble,” Johnson said, laughing. “And every the locations I offered to obtain arrested.”

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twin shot of tequila ? for him. Beautiful lei ? because that her. So good to invest some alone time v my grandma and grandpa today below in Hawaii. Life is therefore wildly hectic and also unpredictable. But it’s amazing just how slowing under to sit and also talk through the soul of her loved ones have the right to recalibrate your soul. Lot needed. Heart is full. Love girlfriend both, promise retained ??

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He likewise visited the three-story apartment structure on Ahana Street, where he once lived v his mother and also father.

“I’ve to be parked exterior in this community where we provided to live more than likely for around an hour now and also probably looking shady as all hell favor a creep in my Cadillac Escalade with really tinted windows,” he told his Instagram followers.

Johnson said he slept in the bedroom, if his parental slept top top a pull-out couch in the life room. Johnson recalled returning residence one day through an eviction an alert posted on the door.

“That was the location where we were evicted from,” that recalled. “We were required to relocate off the island since we couldn’t pay the rent.”

He remembered leaving his residence to struggle the gym or go to school and looking up in ~ the “massive, gorgeous” condominium tower across the street native his building.

“I hope one day, I deserve to live in something prefer that,” Johnson recalled thinking as soon as he was younger.

Years later, the expert wrestler turned international movie star has played functions in blockbuster movies such as “Jumanji: Welcome come the Jungle,” “Moana” and “Baywatch.”

Johnson’s network worth is estimated at $280 million. He own million-dollar homes and also even bought his mother a brand brand-new home because that Christmas last year, according to entertainment Tonight.

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“When you go eat at a restaurant, friend look in ~ the prices an initial before you actually look in ~ the selections,” Johnson said, chuckling. “I know what it’s like and also I’ve been down that roadway … top top the other side that your struggle is some sort of success, so keep pushing through.”


Editor’s note: Johnson’s Instagram video (below) includes some solid language the viewers may uncover offensive.