The Robertson family became the topic of among America's top-rated cable shows once Duck Dynasty debuted ~ above A&E. The routine was an prompt phenomenon, recording ridiculous ratings in a field that was never ever really in the spotlight or the topic of TV the town hall delight: duck hunting. After five successful seasons, however, A&E took the display off the air.

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There space a couple of factors that added to DD's days being numbered. One of the best reasons to be a decline in viewership. As soon as it comes to TV display production, effective shows favor Duck Dynasty often tend to become more expensive come make together time progresses. Yes, this applies to reality shows as well because also though world are "playing" themselves on TV, they still desire to be compensated appropriately and get "raises" as one would obtain in any other form of job.


And it's not like you're walk to want to take a pay reduced if the present isn't performing together well. Therefore one aspect that added to Duck Dynasty's absence of a rejuvenation was the drop in ratings. Yet that wasn't the just reason the show was eventually taken turn off the air. In fact, the Season 5 premiere that the present clocked in 8.5 million viewers as opposed to Season 4's 11.8. The show suffered a downward tendency as the periods progressed, too.

It's not choose the show, towards the end, was doing abysmal ratings-wise by any type of means, however. It turns out there was another big reason why Duck Dynasty to be taken off air, and also that has totally to carry out with a variety of controversial comment made by the Robertson family's patriarch, Phil.

Ratings started dropping right approximately the time Phil said in a GQ interview that black people were "happy" in Louisiana before the Civil rights movement, and also compared homosexuality come bestiality. He also stated the it to be a "sin." Why who who makes duck-callers for a living determined it would certainly be a good idea to include his thoughts on the principles of men and also men or women and women engaging in romantic relationship is past me, however.

A&E announced quickly after his interview that Phil would certainly be exit from the show, yet public outcry had actually him rejoin the actors for the famous reality TV series.

It didn't take long for the Duck commander creator to anger folks when again once he made comments blasting transgender familiar bathrooms. The Hollywood Reporter published an e-mail Phil sent to conservative teams that angered plenty of members the the LGBTQ community.

Phil wrote, "Just since a guy may ‘feel’ favor a woman doesn’t typical he should be able to share a bathroom with my daughter, or yours. That supplied to it is in called common sense. Now it’s called bigoted."

Those are just some of Phil's comments the made headlines, too. That once called STDs punishment for human being having sex v multiple partners, or because that being gay.

He also had some strong thoughts around atheists i m sorry he common in a bizarrely brutal, theoretical story the postulated civilization would have actually no trouble raping someone's wife and also children and also decapitating them since they don't think in God. Because the only reason people don't go horrific atrocities is since they think they're going come burn for every eternity if they commit them, as we every know.

While comments like this would certainly be sure to make any kind of show's PR team pull your hair out, it can be the A&E just saw the works on the wall surface for Duck Dynasty. The program's series finale only raked in 1.3 million viewers, which to be a fraction of few of its highest numbers. So for every one of Phil's "hot takes," it can be that dwindling numbers really are what brought about the display to it is in taken off air.

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Do you miss Duck Dynasty? as soon as the Robertson household announced the they'd be finishing the show, they stated that there to be a good chance they'd come back for a special or two, for this reason if you room jonesing for much more fowl-themed drama, her prayers could be answered.

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