Thanks to Duck Dynasty, Jase Robertson has end up being somewhat of a family members name. He and also his family have adjusted the video game of duck searching with their state that the arts duck calls.

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After years and years of making duck calls by hand because that Duck Commander, Jase has lastly come out v his very own line the duck calls referred to as the Jase Robertson Pro series duck calls.

According to Ammoland, his heat of duck calls will certainly consist that three various models, the Hi-Ball, the Tigerwood, and the Acrylic, which room “the easiest calls to blow the Duck commander has ever before produced”.

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“Our ideology in making duck calls is simple…make it sound precisely like a mallard hen,” Jase said. “I insurance you any kind of of this calls will be the an initial one girlfriend grab on her lanyard once needing a dependable, easy-to-use duck call for any situation.”

(Credit: Duck Commander)

The calls room now obtainable for purchase on the Duck commander website. You can find an ext info here. 


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