Written by Ariane Lang, BSc, MBA on October 25, 2019 — median reviewed by Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN (Ice)

Water is necessary to life, and your body requirements it to function properly.

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One trending idea suggests that if you desire to it is in healthier, you have to drink water first thing in the morning.

However, you might wonder whether the moment of work really makes a distinction when it comes to hydration.

This post reviews some popular cases surrounding the idea of drink water appropriate after you wake up to identify whether the exercise offers any health benefits.

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About 60% of her body is comprised of water.

It’s also considered critical nutrient, definition that her body cannot create enough the it with metabolism to satisfy its day-to-day needs (1).

Therefore, you require to acquire it through foodstuffs — and especially drinks — to ensure ideal bodily function.

All organs and tissues depend on water, and also it plays countless roles in her body, including: (1)

Nutrient transportation. Water permits blood circulation, i m sorry transports nutrients to her cells and removes waste from them.Thermoregulation. as result of water’s big heat capacity, it limits changes in human body temperature in both warm and cold environments.Shock absorbency. Water acts as a shock absorber, protecting her organs and tissues by helping maintain cellular shape.

Your human body loses water everyday through sweat, breath, urine, and bowel movements. These are recognized as water outputs.

If friend don’t take it in enough water transparent the day to consist of for this losses, it deserve to lead to dehydration, i m sorry is linked with plenty of detrimental health effects (2).

This device is known as water balance and also implies that water inputs need to be same to water outputs to stop dehydration (1).


Water is an important nutrient, and all organs and also tissues in your body rely on it to function. Since your human body loses water regularly, you need to compensate because that these losses to avoid dehydration.

Some people claim the drinking water an initial thing in the morning offers health and wellness benefits beyond those linked with drinking it at various other times of the day.

Here space some popular debates behind this claim and also what science needs to say around them.

Claim 1: drink water best after you wake up up help rehydrate your body

Because urine has tendency to it is in dark very first thing in the morning, countless people think that they wake up up dehydrated because of a lack of hydration during sleeping hours.

However, this is a half-truth, as urine shade is no necessarily a clear indicator that hydration levels.

Though researches have identified that pee samples from very first thing in the morning are more concentrated — leading to a darker color, i m sorry is typically taken as a sign of dehydration — this samples fail come detect distinctions in hydration standing (3).

One research in 164 healthy and balanced adults analyzed fluctuations in hydration levels and water intake. It established that water intake was greater throughout the first 6 hours after waking up. Yet, their hydration level did not reflect this enhanced water input (4).

Despite having lighter-colored urine, they were not specifically well hydrated. It is because big intakes the water can dilute urine, bring about it to it is in a lighter or an ext transparent shade — also if dehydration exists (1, 4).

Conversely, the darker shade of your morning urine is not necessarily a authorize of dehydration. That darker simply due to the fact that you no consume any type of liquids overnight.

When her body experiences a water deficit, it provides the emotion of thirst to ensure that you rehydrate. This sensation is equally reliable throughout the work (5).

Claim 2: A glass of water before breakfast reduces your calorie intake throughout the day

Evidence argues that high water usage helps minimize your day-to-day calorie intake, as it boosts your feel of fullness (6, 7, 8).

While water can make you feel fuller, this effect does no exclusively apply to drink water before breakfast — nor the general population.

One study uncovered that drink water before breakfast decreased calorie intake at the following meal by 13%. Although, another study observed comparable results as soon as participants drank water 30 minutes before lunch (9, 10).

That said, both researches concluded that water’s capacity to reduce calorie intake at the succeeding meal was only effective in older adults — no in younger ones.

While drink water before a meal might not substantially reduce calorie entry in younger individuals, doing for this reason still help them remain properly hydrated.

Claim 3: drink water in the morning boosts weight loss

The relationship in between water and also weight ns is partially attributed to its thermogenic effect, which describes the energy required to heat up cold water in the digestive street after consumption.

Studies present that water-induced thermogenesis has the potential to boost the body’s metabolic rate by 24–30% in adults, and the impact lasts about 60 minutes (11, 12, 13, 14).

One study likewise determined that raising your daily water input by 50 ounces (1.5 liters) led to burning one extra 48 calories. End 1 year, this totals about 17,000 extra calories burned — or around 5 pounds (2.5 kg) of fat (12).

Though this claim shows up to be backed by scientific research, no evidence says that this impact is restricted to water consumed first thing in the morning.

Claim 4: drink water top top waking improves mental performance

Dehydration is strongly connected to diminished mental performance, definition that perfect tasks, such together memorizing or learning brand-new things, becomes more complicated (15).

Research shows that mild dehydration equivalent to 1–2% of body weight have the right to negatively influence alertness, concentration, short-term memory, and physical performance (1, 5, 16).

Hence, part argue that if you desire to continue to be on peak of her game, you need to drink a glass that water upon waking.

However, the effects of mild dehydration have the right to be reversed through reintroducing fluids, and no evidence boundaries the benefits of rehydration come the at an early stage morning (5).

Claim 5: drinking water an initial thing in the morning helps ‘eliminate toxins’ and improves skin health

Another common belief holds that drinking water in the morning helps her body “flush the end toxins.”

Your kidneys are the primary regulators of fluid balance, and they execute require water to get rid of waste from your bloodstream (5).

Yet, her kidneys’ volume to clear her body the a given substance is identified by how much of the substance is present, not by your water entry or drink schedule (1).

If a problem is current in an amount greater than your kidneys have the right to handle, lock induce the manufacturing of a large volume the urine. This is referred to as osmotic diuresis and is different from water diuresis, i m sorry happens when you drink too much water (1).

There are also claims that drinking water boosts skin health. Given that her skin contains about 30% water, drink it in the morning is believed to minimize acne and also give the a moisturized look.

Though serious dehydration have the right to reduce skin turgor and cause dryness, there is a lack of proof to assistance this case (5, 17).

Claim 6: It’s ideal to drink hot water in the morning

Another extensive opinion says that girlfriend opt for hot or warm water end cold water when you wake up, together it can soothe your body.

For example, heat water may advantage digestion in those who have actually trouble pass food and also liquid from their esophagus to your stomach (18).

However, older researches have found that drinking heat water may interfere through hydration.

One such examine simulated a long desert go and provided that human being who were offered water that was 104°F (40°C) drank much less of it, contrasted with those who were offered water that was 59°F (15°C).

Given the desert-like conditions, the palliation in water consumption resulted in a loss of about 3% of body weight in the warm-water group, which enhanced their danger of dehydration.

On the contrary, those that drank the colder water raised their rate of entry by 120%, lowering your dehydration danger (19).

Claim 7: A glass of cold water in the morning jump-starts her metabolism

Some people argue the a glass of cold water jump-starts your metabolism, which subsequently helps you lose more weight.

However, there appears to be a little bit of debate surrounding this claim.

Though one study showed that drink water in ~ 37°F (3°C) resulted in a 5% increase in the number of calories burned, this was thought about to it is in a minimal increase, as cold water’s impact on how countless calories girlfriend burn was expected to be greater (20).

Thus, the researchers doubted cold water’s capability to aid weight loss.

What’s more, an additional study analyzed whether the body would burn added calories warming ingested water native 59°F (15°C) to 98.6°F (37°C) (12).

It break up that around 40% of the thermogenic impact of drinking cold water to be attributed to warming the water indigenous 71.6°F come 98.6°F (22°C come 37°C) and only accounted for around 9 calorie burned.

Independent that water’s temperature — they considered its effect on metabolism come be significant (12).

When it comes to favoring warm or cold water over the other, over there isn’t enough evidence to confirm or refuse either belief.


Drinking water provides many health benefits — whether it’s warm or cold. However, drinking it very first thing in the morning no seem to boost its wellness effects.

Water is involved in several bodily functions, including carrying nutrients and oxygen come cells, regulating human body temperature, lubricating joints, and also protecting your organs and also tissues.

Though you may end up being mildly dehydrated at details times throughout the day, no evidence supports the concept of drink water on an empty stomach come reap added benefits.

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As lengthy as girlfriend compensate for her body’s water losses, it doesn’t make lot of a difference whether you begin your work off through a glass that water or drink it at any kind of other time that day.