HGTV stars Drew and Jonathan Scott have actually mostly preserved their love resides out of the spotlight. However, fans have grown come love drew Scott’s wife, Linda Phan, and people were additionally thrilled to find out Jonathan Scott had started dating gibbs Zooey Deschanel.

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But it transforms out that, before Deschanel, Scott was actually as soon as married — but there is a reason why points didn’t work out.



Jonathan Scott and also Zooey Deschanel in 2019 | Eric McCandless/ABC/Getty Images

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Jonathan Scott’s marital relationship to his an initial wife to be ‘rushed’ — and also he didn’t choose her job

Fans have heard a bit around Jonathan Scott’s personal life, including his previous relationship with Canadian radio hold Jacinta Kuznetsov. Scott and Kuznetsov dated for around three years, but complications v both of their schedules led to them come split.

Though the people grew to know Scott’s partnership with Kuznetsov quite well, the was actually married to someone once Property Brothers first aired in 2011: A woman called Kelsy Ully. The 2 were married ago in 2007; castle separated in 2010 and were divorce in 2013. Scott hasn’t spoken much around their relationship, yet he has hinted at why they split.

The pair dated for five years, yet Scott has due to the fact that said that their marital relationship was rushed. Despite dating because that so long, they to be both quiet young when they wed. And according come Distractify, Scott later penned in his memoir that Ully’s project as a waitress-model at a society hurt their relationship. She operated long days and into the night in ~ a ras Vegas swimming pool club, which just left room for worry on Scott’s end.

Jonathan Scott in 2016 in brand-new York City | Brad Barket/Getty Images

Jonathan Scott has actually been date Zooey Deschanel due to the fact that 2019

Though Scott’s past loves didn’t occupational out, he appears to have found true pleasure with gibbs Zooey Deschanel. The two met when filming an episode of Carpool Karaoke through James Corden. Corden invited the Scott brothers, together with Deschanel and her sister, Emily Deschanel, ~ above the show to execute a brothers episode.

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Scott and Deschanel announced their relationship just one main after Deschanel announced the she and her then-husband Jacob Pechenik were obtaining divorced.