Drew Carey — recognized for hosting The Price Is Right, The Drew Carey Show, and his top appearances in shows like NCIS, Family Guy, Community, and most recently, The masking Singer (he was the Llama critical season) — has actually been through a many heartbreak in the last decade as soon as it pertains to his personal life. 

Drew Carey doesn't have actually a wife, although that was engaged twice. In 2007, he got engaged to cook Nicole Jaracz and was close through her son, Connor (who was 6 at the time). Sadly, the two broke off your engagement in 2012. In 2017, drew met sex therapist Amie Harwick and also the two got engaged a few months later. Unfortunately, they finished the engagement in 2018. In February 2020, Amie died after being thrown out her Hollywood Hills apartment (her ex Gareth Pursehouse is the key suspect and also was arrested).

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Drew to be so distraught end the news of his ex-fiancée's death, the he placed The Price Is right on hold, and had come cancel production the mainly her fatality was announced.

“Amie and I had actually a love that human being are lucky to have once in a lifetime. She to be positive pressure in the world, a tireless and also unapologetic champion because that women, and also passionate about her work-related as a therapist. I am conquer with grief. I would favor to thank you in breakthrough for offering myself and also everyone that loved Amie privacy when we try this tragic situation,"  he stated at the time. 

He likewise tweeted, "I expect you’re lucky sufficient to have someone in her life that loves as lot as she did."

I hope you’re lucky sufficient to have actually someone in her life the loves as lot as she did. Pic.twitter.com/xMkQIwR6d6


In April, Drew showed up on The Talk and shared the he forgives Amie's suspected murderer, and that stop a grudge against a mentally-unstable human being didn't do any type of good. "He's mentally ill. The man was abused once he was a kid, and, you know, you have actually to be able to forgive people like that. And I wish he never did it or great he never ever met her, and when you forgive world that doesn't average you need to hang out v them and also be their friend," attracted said.

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It doesn't show up that drew Carey is at this time dating anyone, and if the is, he's being really secretive about it. In fact, he's a pretty private person. Although TPIR host is very vocal about politics, he yes, really doesn't re-publishing much around his life. We do know he bring away Christmas quite seriously, and also that he has a pretty wicked grown-out moustache (possibly for much more than just the Santa look). 

And yes, The Price Is Right is back, and also has been since October. It simply looks a little different, and also so walk Drew. "About to tape my first COVID-era #TPIR! No audience. New look for the stage. Entire crew in masks. Covid compliance nurses on stage. Ns feel super safe and excited! five yeah. Brand-new look for me too," he composed on Instagram.

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