J.D. Scott, older brothers of HGTV’s Jonathan and also Drew Scott, gushed around his fiancée, Annalee Belle.

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J.D. Scott, older brother of HGTV’s Jonathan and Drew Scott, is thanking his fiancée, Annalee Belle, for she love and also care as he faces an ongoing an enig illness.

The 43-year-old TV personality, who’s appeared alongside his brothers on “Property Brothers at Home” and “Brother vs. Brother," revealed last week that he"s been struggling with health issues for the past 14 months.

Now, in a heartfelt post he"s shared on Instagram, J.D. Scott is call Belle his "hero" for how she"s taken treatment of him and the couple"s business affairs while he"s to be sick.

"I watch you. Tired and also anxious yet determined. Gaining up previously than you should to offer yourself that short workout the helps get you with the day. Going to bed much later on than you need to finish just one an ext thing from the perform that never ever ends," he wrote alongside a video filled through photos that the pair.

Scott go on to point out the "countless errands" Belle has run as well as the "days on end of food prepping and also researching so that I will certainly actually eat and not fade away."

J.D. Scott referred to as his fiancée, Annalee Belle, his "hero" for just how well she's taken care of him.mrjdscott/Instagram

His list of observations contained not only the countless doctor visits, phone calls, and business responsibilities Belle has taken charge of, but also the moment she"s encountered the emotional pain of the town hall her companion suffer.

"The moments when you cry on the floor of her closet because you feel prefer you no doing enough. The times you walk quiet to allow me sleep as you recognize it is so hard for me come reach. The small notes you leaving me covert throughout our residence that call me just how much girlfriend care. The life that you have chosen to save that is not constantly what you observed for yourself in the past," that wrote.

"I see that you space carrying the weight of us both and for that you room my hero. I love you," he added.

Belle required to the comments to respond to Scott"s message.

"Okay, well, I"m in tears now," she wrote. "This isn"t the life I saw for myself ...This is so much much better than anything I can have ever before dreamed. A life v you is everything and more."

On July 8, the couple shared a an extensive Instagram video detailing Scott"s health and wellness issues, which very first surfaced as soon as he checked right into a hospital last May.

"That occasion there was so poor that I thought I to be dying, actually," he said. "It was yes, really bad, and also I was preparing all my estate, and also I was composing out passwords for (Belle)."

J.D. Scott, center, poses with his brother Drew and also Jonathan Scott in 2014.Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images

Scott"s problem seems to have baffled doctors. Some thought maybe it to be lupus or a brain aneurysm, when one neurosurgeon told Scott that perhaps there was “a brand-new pathway (that) had actually formed” in his brain, which can happen, but is no fatal.

His symptoms have actually run the gamut native a "crawly feeling" in his head to temperature sensitivities.

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However, recently he"s been on the mend. He listed in his video that antibiotics have actually helped him, as has eliminating wheat, dairy, soy, gluten and also sugar native his diet.

"It"s not all better by any stretch," Scott shared. "I don"t want you think, like, "He"s cured!" but this sort of thing does take it time."


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