A tone-deaf ad campaign pushes lame, evident buttons. Do males really must tote firearms to drink diet soda?

You"d think the most revolting thing about a 10-calorie version of Dr. Pepper would certainly be its just existence. However no, the medicinally flavored soft drink has managed to spread out a bad taste without also making girlfriend pop open a can. How? an excellent old-fashioned misplaced machismo.

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As component of that ongoing project designed come reassure males that they have the right to drink diet soda without growing a vagina, Dr. Pepper is boldly asking consumers if they"re "man enough" for the can, proclaiming, "It"s not for women." i guess us females deserve to just stick to Diet Dr. Pepper, because the difference in between men and ladies comes down to "10 interlocutor calories" and also scrubbing that chick word "diet" from her can.

This week, the agency unleashed a brand-new campaign ~ above Facebook, consisting of a "man quiz" and a shooting collection that intends at girly things prefer lipstick. There"s additionally an awkwardly worded "10 Man"ments" that includes alleged society network taboos favor untagging unflattering photos and the use of "OMG" and smileys.

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It"s hard not to smell a strong whiff of cynicism in ~ Dr. Pepper"s gambit right into caveman territory. It"s not as if the proclaiming industry hasn"t currently had its re-superstructure of boneheaded, backfiring sexist campaigns this year. Hasn"t everyone learned anything native milk"s PMS disaster or JC Penney"s absurd attempt to offer ugly shirts through a classic clip indigenous "Fast time at Ridgemont High"? Phoebe Cates and also her bikini deserve so much better than that, world. Both campaigns were conveniently scrubbed, yet the resulting fist did get civilization other than your grandm talking about milk and JC Penney for about five minutes. Might Dr. Pepper be employing a similar, deliberately attack tactic?

Or is Dr. Pepper, in its search to be favor its manly, low-cal soda bros Coke Zero and Pepsi Max, really simply that stupid? The company"s executive, management vice chairman of marketing Jim Trebilcock told the connected Press this week the "Women acquire the joke." He said that the campaign is just "a means to start the conversation that deserve to spread and also get civilization engaged in the product." but "conversation" doesn"t same "working up a thirst."

Earlier this year, Dr. Pepper rolled out an ad featuring a gun-toting, snake-punching dude defiantly asking, "Hey, ladies, reap the film? Of food not. Since this is our movie. And Dr. Pepper is our soda." OMG and smiley face, you can keep her dumb campaigns and your crap soda, fellas. Since a actual man can drink whatever he desires without transforming it into a display screen of penis waving. And when I want a light beverage that doesn"t need to put down an entire gender to offer itself, I"ll grab water.

Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a senior writer for gendergeek.org and also author the "A series of calamities & Miracles."